Urban Decline: Solo Exhibition by Antony Collings

Dates:6 August 2021 to 10 August 2021
Times:10am - 5.30pm daily (until 8pm on Friday 6th)

Urban Decline aims to capture the decaying environment overlaid with the beauty of nature. New works on show are based on the fascination Antony has with observing streets and walls, then deciphering his observations through paint.  The new body of work articulates the character associated with abandonment, marks and script with added contemporary twists. Ultimately, the exhibition takes a critical look at society’s interpreted view of inner city decline and juxtaposes it with the beauty of nature.

Antony Collings, also known as “ABC” is an international selling artist with a growing portfolio and social media following. His art has been displayed in galleries and exhibitions worldwide with works held in private collections globally.

Website: www.antonycollings.com

Instagram: @art_of_abc_