Reimagined: Annabelle Losa

Dates:30 July 2021 to 4 August 2021
Times:Private View: 7-9pm on Thursday 29th. 10am - 5pm daily (11am - 5pm on Monday 2nd, 10am - 3pm on Wednesday 4th)

Annabelle is an artist who was born and bred in Margate, Kent. She makes paintings that are mainly Abstract. Her current work expresses elements of landscape, both rural and urban, infused to connect into emotive pieces. The colours and vast skies of Southern England, via dishevelled buildings and forgotten spaces (hidden gems of time gone by) are an influence for natural and unnatural landscapes, disconnected from their usual surroundings or places. Her works have been described as,

a visual feast of beauty, colour and energy”, as well as “encapsulating a kind of abstract melancholy”.