Margot Bandola: Myth, Memory & Lightning, Solo Exhibition of New Work

Dates:13 October 2016 to 25 October 2016

Working mainly in oil and collage Margot Bandola’s expressionistic painting
explores the absurd and unfathomable providing a news bulletin from a
shrouded ether world.
Peppered with nocturnal characters emerging from the subconscious her
paintings evolve twilight darknesses to reveal a pertinent fact. Everyone
plays a role in the somnabulist state. Using colour, rhythm and texture she
dynamically juxtaposes the savage and wry, revealing inner and outer space
in the cerebellum jungle from a feminist point of view.

Pie Factory Margate Margot Bandola Cold Worlds ShakePie Factory Margate Margot Bandola Fleeing Arctic BridesPie Factory Margate Margot Bandola Mind of the Hive