Trialogue: Omi Abdullah, Julia Iwasz, Nicholas Addison

Dates:7 October 2016 to 11 October 2016

Friday 11am to 9pm

Saturday & Sunday 11am to 6pm

Monday & Tuesday 11am to 6pm

Trialogue explores what happens when three artists working differently come together through ties of friendship. Elaborate, painted palimpsests meet intense, repetitive drawings alongside images of detritus; unexpected convergences emerge.

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Pie Factory Margate art exhibition Title. Trialogue Omi Abdullah Julia Iwasz Nicholas Addison
Julia Iwasz Connections
Omi Abdullah Being with Morris detail 2012
Omi Abdullah
Being with Morris detail 2012
Pie Factory Margate Nick Addison Brexit Collectables
Nick Addison
Brexit Collectables 2016





















Trialogue; Artists’ Statements

Julia Iwasz

I consider my work to be primarily drawing, not as preparation for painting or sculpture but as an end in itself. Even when working in 3 dimensions, or when using photographic elements, the work is drawing. My practice explores the connections between photography, drawing and sculpture. By altering photographs with scalpel, pencil, etc. they become separate entities, dreamlike spaces where solidity and transparency, or reality and fantasy, merge. Sometimes the photographs are ‘found’ material, from advertisements or bought in charity shops, others I take myself.

The 3 dimensional and installation aspects of my work allow me to diversify and take an alternative approach to ideas. I like to work with unexpected or overlooked materials such as newspapers or plastic packaging, these materials are the residual traces of every day life and, as templates of familiarity, are used to create a less familiar, and possibly unsettling world.

Othman Abdullah

In Trialogue I show the range of work that has engaged me since I last exhibited in Margate in 2010. My painting explores the boundaries between text, decoration and figuration. In recent years figures, either in the process of formation or distinct (a series of dancers), have dominated my imagination and both types are represented here. I continue to make improvisatory prints and painted palimpsests, the latter made from layers of text and decoration; both produce hybrid forms. Sometimes I paint the palimpsests on fabrics, particularly the kanga (an East African cloth) sometimes on objects, including a series exploring the legacy of the St Augustine, the 4th/5 th century African Church father. In a different series, “illuminations” I draw on the 11th century Persian poem the “Shahnama”. Both historical series show how the past is present in contemporary cultures and how cultural forms circulate across national borders.

Nicholas Addison

I am showing three series of two-dimensional works in Trialogue. They have in common the theme of waste, damage and detritus. “From the Sea to the Sea” is a collection of watercolour studies of flotsam washed up on the east coast of the Indian Ocean island of Zanzibar. “The Road from Paje to Zanzibar Stone Town” is a series of acrylic paintings and watercolour drawings based on a typical, just out-of-town, semi-commercial district. Most of the buildings have been damaged due to a government road-widening scheme, but the local people resolutely carry on their day-to-day lives. The last series is of still-lifes in which the decaying or dead objects of attention are usually thrown away. Here they take on an uncanny beauty. In addition I am presenting two small installations that develop the waste theme, one a fictive family history, the other a Brexit work.