Interlock: Linda Simon & Shirley-Ann Galbraith

Dates:28 April 2017 to 1 May 2017

11am to 4pm daily

Private view: Saturday 2pm to 5pm

For inquiries about the exhibition please call: Linda: 07887 515303 or Shirley-Ann: 07701 000822

A joint exhibition of work by Linda Simon and Shirley-Ann Galbraith investigating the relational processes of  transformation, repetition and disrupted pattern.

Pie Factory Margate Linda Simon interlock exhibition
Linda Simon: Calories

Linda Simon’s work is influenced by digital technology and data. Using wearable tech and smartphone apps she tracks the minutiae of daily life to transform data into physical objects, drawings and installations.

Patterns of behaviour become patterned artworks that imagine a visual record of her activities – an abstract data portrait. Her construction methods are time-consuming and repetitive, echoing the daily rituals tracked in the captured data. She is interested in the relationship between women and machine and often uses textiles or textile related processes in the creation of her work. The knitted works are produced using a domestic knitting machine which employs a similar punch card mechanism as the earliest computers and weaving looms.

The works in this exhibition represent data collected from cycle journeys made by the artist. During the 9 months from July 2016 to March 2017, each ride was tracked and recorded using Strava.

Following a career as an IT professional, Linda graduated from the University of the Creative Arts (UCA) with a BA (Hons) in Fine Art in 2013. She was one of seven artists to have her degree show installation /Ctrl/ selected for the Platform Graduate Showcase Award exhibition at Turner Contemporary. She is a member of the Maidstone based artist cooperative Making Art Work


Pie Factory Margate Shirley Ann Galbraith exhibition
Shirley-Ann Galbraith: Gestalt 1

Shirley-Ann Galbraith is an artist and psychotherapist, based in Kent and London. The work shown represents part of a year’s research into the unconscious/conscious use of repetitive thoughts and behaviour as a defence against the debilitating anxiety some people experience.  Shirley-Ann investigates and considers the human experience in all her work and in this exhibition she visualises how experiences can be looped to form repetitions of behaviour and thought, examining where the fragile boundary lies between this and obsessive compulsive behaviours.

Using Gestalt Psychology and psychoanalytical thought helped to create an ongoing series of drawings and installations that investigate human perception, sensation and thinking, symbolising the ever-unfolding narrative and the conversations that happen. Many of the works consider the continuous loop and the Gestalt theory that the whole is greater than the sum of it’s parts. The use of copper as a reflective and conductive material is an important structure within her work, as is the use of repeating sequences to echo the observed patterns of relationship.

Shirley-Ann recently graduated from Central Saint Martins, UAL, London wth a BA (Hons) in Fine Art. She was one of six CSM graduates to be chosen for the Clyde & Co. London Art Award 2016. She has exhibited throughout Kent and London and has been involved in several curatorial projects.

Her next exhibition is a group show at Candid Arts, Islington, followed by a touring exhibition in Kent with Making Art Work where she is a member.