Legacy: Vivienne Yankah & Julia Rogers

Dates:6 May 2017 to 9 May 2017

Daily opening 10.30am to 5pm

Private view: 5 May 2017 6pm to 9pm – all welcome

Contact 07803464991 for further details about this exhibition


Reflecting on the passing of time.

Marking our existence through object, action and experience.

Two artists explore their responses through ceramic form, photography, installation and video.

The artists will be working during the exhibition demonstrating some of the techniques used to make the work.

Pie Factory Margate vivienne Yankah pot

Vivienne Yankah

Is a ceramic artist and photographer whose inspiration is formed by being immersed in the landscape. The rhythmic movements of walking and swimming translate into the mindful working methods used in her practice.

The work exhibited has evolved from a series of journeys in the Highlands of Scotland and around the UK. Coming across cairns, a human-made pile of stones which serve as markers of people, time and place, Vivienne began to explore the structure, form and meaning in photography and clay. Each journey has been mapped and documented with small cairns built in situ.  The overall shape, structure and markings of this body of work closely reflect these journeys.


Pie Factory Margate Julia Rogers boat

Julia Rogers

Is a multidisciplinary artist interested in the passage of time. It is through the process of making that ideas and thoughts are teased out. Like a ritual, the making of work allows space for thought and memories of people, time and place.

Similar to the cairns, Julia uses markers and symbols for narrative in this body of recent work with reference to other cultures, nature and rites of passage. Ranging in scale and medium her work is bold and uncompromising using intuitive reactions to make her mark.