Fiona Fouhy: prints, drawings & animation

Dates:27 June 2015 to 5 July 2015

10am to 5pm

Please join Fiona on Saturday 27th June from 6 to 8pm for a Private View of the exhibition

Fiona Fouhy Pie Factory Margate Low Tide


monoprint, etching, drypoint, pen&ink, DVD animation

Time is a significant feature in Fiona Fouhy’s work: the speed or painstaking slowness in making a piece; the reduction of time through animation or its unravelling through still images; the continuity of nature’s cycles and ultimately the accumulation of stories over the years.

The processes of mark-making and direct involvement with materials are similarly crucial. It is process-led, setting up components to allow for chance occurrences: a fabric might pick up ink in a particular way or drawing-ink might spread and dry in an unpredictable form, specific to the medium’s characteristics. This then feeds into the concept of a piece. With speed and a freshness of approach, Fouhy has produced this set of large monoprints of Margate seascapes. The flexibility of working free-hand with fast, direct actions of scraping, pushing and wiping the ink, enables internal responses to the seascape to manifest in these external gestures.
Also on show are multiple drawings and prints charting small changes to the mundane and overlooked areas of the everyday, looking at weeds, decay and wild mushrooms.

Fiona Fouhy studied at Central Saint Martins and lives and works in East London.
She has visited Margate regularly since she was a child.

For more information about this exhibition, please call 07747 807 993