Dates:8 April 2016 to 13 April 2016

Friday to Tuesday 10am to 4pm
Wednesday 10am to 12noon

A collaborative exhibition between 3 local artists working together to showcase their take on placing and removing filters within today’s society. Working with a broad range of mediums including photography, collage and painting, Dean, Proctor and Goulding referencing history, popular culture and modern society allowing these works to co-exist despite conflicts of interests, allowing for a dynamic narrative among the works being shown.

Cicily Goulding (20) primarily works with oil paint and explores subjects such as popular culture and the low brow. Goulding exploits the use of humour within her work, to tackle challenging subjects while also focusing on the aesthetic. The work presented within the ‘FILTER’ exhibition will be a step away from the traditional canvas by using printed media as a foundation for painting and illustration. Thus demonstrating a personal response to images that are in an existing context.

Alanna Proctor (21) is an artist local to the gallery. Proctor consistently uses photography (both analogue and digital) within her practice. The work created is to achieve an idyllic dream-state image, romanticizing the every day. ‘FILTER’ allows for Proctor to experiment with the subject of the exhibition itself, removing these screens set in place within our society.

James Dean’s (20) infatuation with Margate as a town, both in it’s current state, past and future is the key theme to his practice. Dean takes an experimental approach including photography, paint and sourced resources, focusing on the materiality of the pieces. ‘FILTER’ allows for Dean to remove the present in order to reveal the past to produce a physical reminder of Margate’s transition.

For more information about this exhibition, please call 07853061226

Pie Factory Margate Alanna Proctor Filter
Alanna Proctor
Pie Factory Margate Cicily Goulding Filter
Cicily Goulding
Pie Factory Margate James Dean Filter
James Dean