The Grossmith Gallery

The Grossmith Gallery will be exhibiting and selling works by contemporary British Artists; some well known and others getting a footing onto their own styles and types. These include (in no particular personal preference) Billy Childish (Painter, Poet, Musician), Matt Horne (Ceramicist), Tracey Emin, James Brett (Autoart) and the talents of published work and indeed, the sometime breathtaking beauty of the publiSHERS creativity. Poetry shall be promoted.

To coincide with the opening, there will be no particular focus on any 1 Artist, and the gallery will display many types as a celebration of the talent which abounds locally. Exhibitions of solo Artists’ work shall shall be forthcoming.

The Grossmith Gallery is intending to promote different school projects/competitions on a given theme, for the various schools in the area; so stay tuned for further details closer to the time.


The Gallery will be open 7 days a week 11-6/7/8 p.m ( These times are, of course, subject to any exhibition/art forums/workshops etc .in attendence.)