Self Flowing and Mechanised

Private view on Sat 25th of February from 6.30pm-8.30pm

Statement of Intention For Self-Flowing And Mechanised:

My project is about industrial and structural and kinetic sculptures.  The sculptures that I have created are influenced from combine harvesters, machines, cogs, architecture and organic forms.  I have steel sculpture, which was influenced from structures and machines.  My wooden sculpture was influenced from a combine harvester feeder wheel and organic forms.  Part of my stone carving was influenced from carvings on the cathedral in Canterbury and my wood carving piece is influenced from organic forms.  My aim is try to bring back these moving parts from machines and use them in a playful way.

Artist Biography: Ben Egan

I went to the Howard Effingham School in Effingham Surrey then went to UCA Epsom for college and did national certificate in art and Design and Foundation in art and Design.  I’m currently studying at UCA Canterbury studying BA Fine Art Year 2.   I’m originally from Dorking in surrey and I’m 22 years old.  My interests are architecture, interior design, music, art and cars.  My hobbies are running and doing art.  My work is normally consists of drawing, sculpture, photography and media.