Unfinished Art Show

Dates:15 February 2024 to 25 February 2024

We are so excited to bring another amazing show to you! This year we have even more artists joining us to share their work and process finding the beautify of unfinished.

Unfinished Art Show was conceived back in 2023 because we realised 2 things:
1. Many artists have works they consider “unfinished” in their homes and studios.
2. For many people viewing this “unfinished” art, the pieces would feel complete, wonderful and purchase worthy.

It was created as a space for artists to share their work and process in a communal and inclusive space. Reminding themselves and viewers that art has value throughout the process and different people see value in different things and stages.

Instagram: @unfinished_art_show
email: unfinishedartshow@gmail.com

This year’s artists include:

Imogen Marshall – @imogen_marshall_art
Lior Locher – @liorlocher
Mick Buston – @bustonillustration
Daniel Andrews – @Dan_attempts_art
Zana Glaser/Cactus – zanaglaser4
Lloyd Awful – @awful.Margateartist
Helen Sabin – @nibasneleh
Sam Cannon – @samcandesign
Matt Hall – @the13thsecond
Berne Vaughan – @bernevaughan
Anastasia Zotova – @kreazot
Darryn Michael – @darrynmichaelart
Am̩lie Bourboin Р@ameliealondres.art
Lisa & Kristian – @visualsubversion
Max Oliver – @maxoliverartist
A J – @art_of_a.j
Elle She – @elle.ehs
Roger Sapsford – @rogersapsford
daria – @da.ze.art
Jemma Channing – @jemmachanning
Chris West – @christhewest
Grace Saint – @grace__saint
Amber by Design – @amberbydesignuk
Stephne Taylor – @stephnetaylorart
Etie Boxer – @etiebluebellstudio
Shringi Kumari – @shringikumari
Steven Ramsden – @stephenramsden65