Somebody and the Way of Heaven: Barbarita Marks

Dates:2 March 2024 to 18 March 2024
Times:11am to 5pm daily

Barbarita Marks, a descendant of Second World War survivors, delves into the emotional effects of transgenerational trauma and confronts its perpetuation in contemporary society in her latest exhibition, “Somebody and the Way of Heaven”. Barbarita’s life and artistic endeavours reflect her personal journey in healing, a profound yearning for justice, fairness, and a desire to uncover a pathway towards a deeper connection for all the beings that inhabit our world.

 ‘I aspire to connect to colours’ spiritual nature through the purity of pigment.’

‘How where we are positioned in time and space enables another view.’

Barbarita’s artworks speak to the “unconscious connection” between them, revealing the untold narratives and memories, and the intricate tapestry of human experience. From her symbolic exploration of ‘’Threads’, employing metaphors of repair and the stitching of time, and “The Silence in Sleeping Beauty”, where the artist gave voice to the blind spot, as she puts it: “We cannot notice because it is invisible to us”.

‘We cannot notice because it is invisible to us’.

Barbarita has evolved to her latest exhibition, ‘Somebody and the Way of Heaven,’ where she continues her exploration of transgenerational trauma, searching into the depths of emotional landscapes and life experiences. Influenced by Dogugaeshi, Barbarita uses stories to illuminate concealed realities, while also finding inspiration in the potential for transformation.