Sam Warr Photography Matthew Taylor photography

Dates:25 July 2013 to 31 July 2013

fishing boat

Sam Warr Photography
Sam is a London based photographer. His passion for photography came about from working full time as a cycle courier. He captures images on the mean streets of London, taken from new angles and fresh perspectives. Sam continues to work as a part time courier to keep his portfolio fresh and new. His passion lies in structural images, but you will find a little of everything in his collection, ranging from breath taking scenery to animals, street photography and random one of sightings of the bizarre and unusual.

Matthew Taylor Photography
Matthew is a photographer from the local area. Many of his images are captured from unique and unusual angles and his work shows a fresh and original perspective. He has a passion for buildings and structures, but also loves capturing seasonal and scenic images.

under pier

viking beacon

Opening times will be as follows:

Thursday 25th July – 7 to 10.00pm
(Opening Night with Cello Man –
Friday 26th July – 12.30 to 7pm
Saturday 27th July – 12.30 to 7pm
Sunday 28th July – 12.30 to 7pm
Monday 29th July – 12.30 to 7pm
Tuesday 30th July – 12.30 to 7pm
Wednesday 31st – July – 12.30 to 7pm

For further details please contact: Stefanie Taylor Tel. 07792046291