POSTPONED – Drawings, Paintings, Etc: Margareta Jelic and Sarah Walpole

Dates:12 November 2020 to 18 November 2020

This exhibition has been postponed until 28th January 2021

Exhibition of recent works by Sarah Walpole and Margareta Jelic includes drawings, paintings, animations, installations etc. which are compatible in many ways.

Sarah Walpole is an artist & maker originally from Northamptonshire, but has been based happily in Brighton now for almost 20 years.

She studied Ba Hons Fine Art & Ba Hons Psychology at University College Worcester gaining firsts and has since continued combining the two disciplines in her work.

“I am constantly recording down moments & experiences, everything from the glances of strangers, to my own thoughts & feelings, it all infiltrates back into my work. These records take form as little notes, sketches & scrawls and it is these treasures that go on to inspire the paintings, drawings, installations and book forms that I produce – quite diary like in their execution.  It is hoped that the pieces work on multiple levels, in being both visually pleasing, even pretty in some cases, but also thought provoking, allowing the viewer to read something else into them. My writing is almost miniature, therefore quite a challenge to decipher, often disguised as texture or mark making. I like that it is not very obvious to the casual viewer, but if the audience takes the time to really look into the pieces, that they might be rewarded.”

Margareta Jelic is a multimedia artist and art theoretician from Belgrade, Serbia. Since 1991 she has been exhibiting at numerous solo and group exhibitions in Serbia and internationally in Hungary, Austria, France, Great Britain, United States and Canada.

She graduated at the Faculty of Applied Arts in Belgrade, the Department of Painting.

Margareta obtained her MA and second PhD at the Department of Multimedia Art, the University of Arts in Belgrade.

She completed her first PhD thesis at the Department of Art and Media Theory, the University of Arts in Belgrade.

Her works are part of some private collections and museums in Serbia (Museum of City of Belgrade, Gallery Nadezda Petrovic, Cacak, Museum of Contemporary Art of Vojvodina, Vujicic Collection etc).

She works in wide range of media and art techniques such as installation, animation, painting and sound.

She lives and works in Belgrade and Brighton.