Neon Blue Tales 2023

Dates:28 April 2023 to 2 May 2023
Times:11 – 5pm daily

Artists Annie Taylor, Clair Meyrick, Bev Sage and Meg Wroe return to the Pie Factory with Neon Blue Tales 2023. Using paint, print, mixed media, textiles,  spoken word and poetry, their work complements each other while transforming the space into a place of wonder.

The group has exhibited widely as individual artists, but their collective work creates a powerful and cohesive exhibition. Clair Meyrick draws inspiration from nature, and her bold and striking work experiments with media, colour and form.  Bev Sage uses a multi-disciplinary approach, creating excitingly dynamic, gestural artworks that echo the spontaneity of action painting.  Annie Taylor’s work revolves around Fairy Tales, creating a whimsical and imaginative world through her illustrative and 3D work.  Meg Wroe’s work is concerned with the climate crisis, capturing a sense of wonder in the midst of her urban neighbourhood, highlighting the fragility of our ecosystem.

Neon Blue Tales Artists 

Clair Meyrick @houseworkaverse
Bev Sage @bevjsage and
Annie Taylor @Whistabletail
Meg Wroe @meg.wroe and