I’ve Been Going Through Something….: Adam Lucy

Dates:2 May 2024 to 7 May 2024
Times:11am to 5pm daily (Tues 7th May 10am to 4pm)

I’ve Been Going Through Something…

Showcasing new work from the artists series ‘All My Memories Are Photographs’ in an exploration of memory, fragmented longing and grief. Incorporating found imagery, items and large scale acrylic works on canvas, I’ve Been Going Through Something… is a journey through the complexities of remembrance.

In the artists own words;
“All My Memories Are Photographs’ are neither my memories in totality nor photographs yet, they are time capsules of a kind. Liminal spaces bridging the gap between two points in the past, truth and fiction, actuality and the fragility of remembrance. The paintings are hybrids, context free found photography coerces composition with an imprint of autobiographical history. They are the moments of others and yet they are mine, an unlikely fusing of being. Some literal, some abstract but all relate to a moment in time, snatched memory or feeling. Do we ever truly remember our pasts?” Adam Lucy

Website: alucyart.com
Instagram: @Alucyart

Private View will be held 6pm to 9pm on Friday 3rd May

Small detail of a much larger work, currently ‘untitled’, Adam Lucy
A Bitter Medicine 2023_Acrylic-Ink- Photographic Transfer-Linen, Adam Lucy
A Cliff Is A Dizzying Place To Meet Part One – The Call, Adam Lucy
Adam Lucy at work at Resort Studios