Neon Blue Tales 2021: Annie Taylor, Clair Meyrick, Bev Sage and Meg Wroe

Dates:30 April 2021 to 4 May 2021
Times:11am- 5pm

Artists Annie Taylor, Clair Mayrick, Bev Sage and Meg Wroe return to the Pie Factory with Neon Blue Tales 2021. Using paint, print, mixed media, textiles,  spoken word and poetry, their work complements each other while transforming the space into a place of wonder.

Annie Taylor

Annie Taylor Neon Blue Tales 21 at Pie Factory Margate

Annie Taylor creates illustrative and 3D work around Fairy Tales old and new, from tiny Lost Rabbits to large scale Carnival Cutouts.

Instagram: @whistabletail



Clair Meyrick

Clair Meyrick Neon Blue Tales 2021 at Pie Factory Margate

Clair Meyrick is a published poet and accomplished live performer.

She started making art four years ago and is entirely self taught. She now exhibits her work regularly. Taking her inspiration from the natural environment, her work is striking and bold. She constantly experiments with media, colour and form.

Instagram: @houseworkaverse


Bev Sage

Bev Sage ONEIAM Neon Blue Tales 2021 at Pie Factory Margate

Bev Sage is a London-based artist who works with print, performance and sound.

With a background in music, film and photography she uses a multi-disciplinary approach to echo the spontaneity and raw energy of action painting. Her work contains layered gestural marks, underpinned with a lyrical rhythm, that reflects the universal abstract of graffiti-plastered urban landscapes.

Instagram: @bevsage



Meg Wroe

Meg Wroe Bright Field March 2020 Neon Blue Tales at Pie Factory Margate

Meg Wroe paints on canvas, wood or slate  capturing a sense of wonder in the midst of her urban neighbourhood. She is concerned with the Climate Crisis – the fragility of our ecosystem and air we breathe.

Instagram: @meg.wroe