Journey of Nutcase 10 – an art exhibition by Amanda Godley

Dates:20 April 2018 to 24 April 2018
Times:10am to 4pm

A retrospective art exhibition that narrates the journey of Nutcase10 through her battles with mental health difficulties. The exhibition outlines her response to dark struggles with personal demons on the way to acceptance of life events and mental wellbeing. This solo exhibition includes reflections on the dynamic journey made while undergoing psychoanalysis. 

Nutcase10 feels that this exhibition relates to Journeys with ‘The Waste Land’ as it reflects the experiences of T.S. Eliot and his wife Vivienne who both suffered with mental health difficulties. T.S.Eliot wrote The Waste Land whilst recovering in Margate from a mental breakdown after the loss of his father. Vivienne, sadly, was later incarcerated in a mental asylum by her brother, where she spent the rest of her life. This exhibition reflects some of the parallel difficulties that may have influenced T.S.Eliot and Vivienne during their time in Margate whilst he was writing The Waste Land. 

Amanda Godley, alias Nutcase10, studied Fine Art: Sculpture in 1979-83 and Art Psychotherapy in 1997-9. Since spending four years living in the Cayman Islands in the early millennium she came back to the UK and once again returned to psychoanalysis in earnest. A dynamic process which she found enhanced her creativity. Amanda is currently working in the field of mental health supporting people to speak up about their difficulties. This exhibition – Journey of Nutcase10 – her first in 35 years, uses the media of watercolour, Russian watercolour, pencil, gouache, oil pastel and mixed media.