Dates:30 August 2012 to 5 September 2012

Private View will be at 7.00pm, Friday 31st August.

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Artist Statement:

Horizons is a collection of brand new oil paintings, ink drawings and iPad prints by James Dunn. James’ influences come from a wide variety of sources, including the elemental forces of Turner and Impressionism and also cinematic narrative motifs.

A constant throughout his work is his dialogue with art history. The oil paintings feature bright and vivid colour, informed by James’ own wish to make his pictures ‘glow’, but also contain a sense of underlying tension, reflecting psychological uncertainty in the figures he portrays. In spite of this, the work retains a playfulness, which can also be found in James’ drawings that are informed by caricature. These form perhaps the most eclectic component of the exhibition and include recent line drawings of local scenery that are influenced by the aesthetic of etching and demonstrate James’ enjoyment of detail.

In recent months, James has embraced the use of new technology, venturing into the realm of digital art and creating work using an iPad, following the direction of David Hockney. James is excited by the possibilities opened up by this way of working, likening the process to electronic watercolours, and has produced a number of landscapes and seascapes that explore the freedom the iPad facilitates.

Accompanying James’ work is a selection of drawings by Kellie Hogben. Kellie works in a range of media, but here focuses on work with pen, ink, and occasionally tea. Much of her work is compulsive in nature, whether she is obsessively filling a sketchbook with images of Margate, or amassing teacups to arrange into complex compositions.