postponed: Helen Whitehead: Connective Tissues

Dates:11 June 2020 to 17 June 2020

This exhibition has been postponed until September 2021

In association with the Hypermobility Syndromes Association, local artist Helen Whitehead has been working on an exhibition exploring hypermobility syndromes and their effects on those who live with them. Working principally in ceramic and glass, and using sculpture, light and mosaic, she is attempting to explain and raise awareness of connective tissue disorders.

All profits from this exhibition go directly to the Hypermobility Syndromes Association, to help them with their continuing work in supporting those affected by these debilitating conditions.

“The exhibition is titled ‘Connective Tissues’ as it seems, to me, to perfectly encapsulate and express both the physical and societal aspects of living with a connective tissue disorder. Our lack of functioning connective tissue not only literally disconnects us physically, but has the potential to disconnect us from society, to ‘other’ us; as our physical and internal bonds disintegrate so do the social and emotional bonds that link us to the external world.

Chronic illnesses are difficult for us as a society to process; people do not ‘get better’ as such, and so it can be difficult for others to understand and empathise long term with conditions that cause continuous pain. In undertaking to develop this exhibition, I am hoping to raise awareness of some little known conditions, and illustrate some of the less obvious but no less debilitating effects.”