Myth & Gaslight: Anton Shapiro & David Mullett

Dates:25 July 2014 to 5 August 2014

Open daily

For information about this exhibition, please call 07780 766134


Friday 25th July

Open to the Public 10am to 10pm

at 7.30pm that same evening, an illustrated lecture by that well-known T’V. personality

Ron Lobeck

on “The Life and Times of J.M.W.Turner”

Refreshments will be served between 4pm and 6pm with the kind co-operation of

The Cupcake Cafe, 4/5 Market Place, Margate Old Town


Sunday 3rd August at 2.30pm

Andy McNally- A local painter

will give an illustrated lecture

on “Jordan

-Red Rocks


8 Reinforcing Bars”