An exhibition of painting, drawings & prints by David Ridgway & Clare Dove

Dates:12 July 2014 to 23 July 2014

10am to 6pm



David Ridgway

The work on show has been produced over two decades and although there is a noticeable change in the visual language employed I have rarely strayed from the figure; the figure that to varying degrees exists in my world, a world which with the rapid development of the Internet and news access has become even larger.  There is also the fact that for the past thirty years I have worked with the more disenfranchised in our society, so it is hardly surprising that the figure should be so prominent in my work.




Clare Dove: Still-Lifes in Shadows

Showing a transformative sequence of photograms using the suburban and ubiquitous Leylandii plant, and new digital prints pushing the potential of freely available online image manipulation software. The original photographs use the leitmotif of charity shop figurines and printed matter.
A recurrent theme in my work is the challenge of reappraising the discarded and disregarded.