Dualism – Work by Darren Lewis & John Pledger

Dates:8 August 2015 to 19 August 2015

Open 10am to 5pm daily

Dualism – from the Latin word duo meaning “two”

Duality – a condition of being two, of having two parts usually with opposite meanings

John Pledger and Darren Lewis exhibit together for the first time, displaying diverse and varied approaches to their work that offers striking contrasts but also an interesting and complimentary synergy.

Darren’s work sits traditionally in seascapes, expressing with a command of colour, the qualities of light and form of his chosen locations. John uses foraged material to sculpt and manipulate, combining natural shapes with constructed three-dimensional forms that suggest duality and a carefully balanced tension.

John’s images vary from organic natural like free-flowing forms presenting a dialogue of emotional states and situations to more formal, precise, geometric and carefully considered abstractions.

Darren swings from representational paintings to more expressive, abstract work and sometimes strikes a midpoint between these, experimenting with different materials. Location and place remain critical in his approach to all his work and he expressing his particular perception of his immediate surroundings.

Darren’s dualism is reflected in his constant struggle to translate his particular take on nature with raw paint onto his chosen surface. John’s dualism is expressed in his intrusion into natural, organic forms with construction and in two dimensions, by a contradictive and often playful approach.

The exhibition will be designed to showcase the diverse approaches by the two artists but will also be a fusion of their expressed approach to dualism.

John Pledger

Born: South Africa

Synergy, mixed wood & lacquer 19"
Synergy, mixed wood & lacquer 19″
#34, mixed media on paper
#34, mixed media on paper
Angel of the South #4, wood & stone 24"
Angel of the South #4, wood & stone 24″

Previously I have limited the public display of my work to a few local showings. This exhibition marks a significant step forward in making my work accessible to the general public.

After some limited formal training in fine art, I developed my approach to form and image-making under the tutelage of internationally-exhibited, Kent-based artist, Laura Gethen-Smith.

I work in a wide range of mediums and enjoy applying my understanding of solid materials gained as an orthotist and prosthetist to much of my 3-dimensional work. My aim is to create interesting and compelling forms and images that convey a lasting sense of contrast, dualism and ambivalence.

In addition to traditional oil and acrylic paintings, I make wide use of the locally-foraged and weathered timbers to construct my 3-dimensional work from a multimedia approach.

Darren Lewis

Born: Glasgow 1971

Margate Harbour, oil on canvas 160cmx110cm
Margate Harbour, oil on canvas 160cmx110cm
Welcome to Margate, oil on canvas 130cmx90cm
Welcome to Margate, oil on canvas 130cmx90cm
Kingsgate Bay, oil on canvas 139cmx74.5cm
Kingsgate Bay, oil on canvas 139cmx74.5cm


Trained to Degree and Masters Degree level in Fine Art at Canterbury Christ Church University, my work currently focuses on the coastlines of Thanet and recent visits to the shores of Cornwall and Scotland.

Living in Margate, I paint the things I see around me, the things I know and feel comfortable with. I respond to the nearby coastlines of Thanet, with focus on the vistas of sand, sea and sky of my chosen locations. Thanet is surrounded by vast open spaces where sand meets sea, sea meets sky. Seascapes inspire me to paint and experiment with different medium to record the varied light, colour and atmosphere of local scenery. No matter what I paint, or in what style, the sea is always my main source of inspiration.

Abstract or figurative, all my paintings are deeply rooted to place and location responding to the visual and its forms. The dualism or duality between what I see and what I transcend onto a canvas with paint, without the notion of purely imitating nature but rather searching for a higher realisation of it becomes my need to paint. My outward observations, combined with my inward perception or vice versa of the seascapes of Thanet, provide me with a constant source of inspiration through its varied light, atmosphere and climate.


Twitter: @dlewispaintings

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