Dates:25 August 2017 to 30 August 2017
Times:10am to 6pm

10am to 6pm

Sunday 11am to 5pm

Wednesday 10am to 1pm

Private View: Friday 25 August 6pm to 9pm

For more information about this exhibition, please email or call 07794459179

‘North, South, East, West’ aims to explore the themes of home, shelter, belonging and alienation. Barber’s Son – Hairdresser’s Daughter has gathered a diverse group of artists together in order to create a multifaceted exhibition that can be read and interpreted in varying ways. This will be a multi sensory show that includes smell and sound.

The first room takes the theme of ‘Home’ and questions the idea of homesickness and what makes us feel at home. Amongst the exhibits in this room will be paintings of the Manor at Hemming Ford Grey, which is thought to be the longest continually inhabited property in the British Isles. The paintings are large and will dominate the space, immersing the spectator in the Manor’s verdant gardens.

The second room explores displacement, expulsion and the need for shelter. The spectator may feel slightly uncomfortable in this area, but is forced to pass through.

The third room contains work by a variety of artists who explore the themes in a personal way. There will be seating in this area and it is hoped that visitors will pause and discuss ideas with others.

The final room is titled ‘Home is Best’ and will be filled with lovely items for the Home that BSHD has sourced both locally and further afield.

There will be music and poetry performances throughout the week, final dates and times will be advised in August.

‘Barber’s Son – Hairdresser’s Daughter’ aims to produce inclusive exhibitions that appeal to a broad audience and encourage discussion and interaction between visitors. This is their seventh Margate exhibition.

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