Barbara Marks: The Return Journey

Dates:26 January 2019 to 5 February 2019
Times:11am to 5pm, Mondays by appointment

the return journey
first shown in Conway Hall, London, May 2018

setting out, coming home
searching for the energy gateways using painting and collage

inspired by:
the return journey, a calligraphy by Master Zhixing Wang
the I Ching: Hexagram 24, Returning
the Tao Te Ching, the Book of the Way

setting out, coming home
through the train window
glimpses of my father’s life
his experience as a Japanese Prisoner of War
building the Burma Railway

the film ’the return journey’
is a collaboration with film maker Karen Livesey

a small retrospective
of Chinese mountains and other images

‘the past is an unknown country
we do not visit there’
and yet . . .
setting out

inspired by my Viennese grandparents
Markus and Bruche Korngold

it is a collaboration with textile artist, Shelley Ganderton