Barbara Marks: The Return Journey

Dates:26 January 2019 to 5 February 2019
Times:11am to 5pm, Mondays by appointment
Phone:07793 207993

the return journey
first shown in Conway Hall, London, May 2018

setting out, coming home
searching for the energy gateways using painting and collage

inspired by:
the return journey, a calligraphy by Master Zhixing Wang
the I Ching: Hexagram 24, Returning
the Tao Te Ching, the Book of the Way

setting out, coming home
through the train window
glimpses of my father’s life
his experience as a Japanese Prisoner of War
building the Burma Railway

the film ’the return journey’
is a collaboration with film maker Karen Livesey

a small retrospective
of Chinese mountains and other images

‘the past is an unknown country
we do not visit there’
and yet . . .
setting out

inspired by my Viennese grandparents
Markus and Bruche Korngold

it is a collaboration with textile artist, Shelley Ganderton