4Sight: Edgeways

Dates:25 May 2018 to 29 May 2018
Times:11am to 5pm

Four artists explore the visual edge through abstract paintings and multimedia works.

Sue Cavanagh’s work focuses on the precariousness of our lives. She shows landscapes, constructions and objects balancing on the edge of stability, erosion or collapse.  A development on this theme and of the need for vigilance in a shifting and unpredictable world leads to pictorial references to observation towers and look-out stations. Sue uses acrylics and other media to contrast forms and materials which convey a dialogue between density and fragility.

David Snewin employs oil painting and digitally manipulated photography using form and colour to illustrate the tension between belonging to the social order and feelings of remoteness from it

In Cathy McTurk’s work, surface and the invisible space behind, serves as an entrance.  Through colour and texture the viewer enters a search and a journey.  Her use of materials – fibre paper, sumi ink, cut and torn silk, add immediacy to the work.

Through a mixture of drawing, print and objects made and found, Tessa Waite explores the connections between mind and body, self and others, self and environment and what happens when things shift and change – the impact of new information or experience.