Who are we anyway?








Who Are We Anyway?

Is a Solo exhibition of figurative sculpture by Billie Bond.

Billie will exhibit a collection of contemporary figurative sculptures exploring cultural identity.

Billie Bond lives in Essex with her family and has just completed BA in 3D design and craft with 1st class honors. For 15 years, Billie had been a furniture designer and mural artist for children’s rooms. She discovered her passion for sculpting while doing her degree at Colchester School of Art & Design.

She is currently studying for her PGCE and also lectures portraiture sculpture at the Art Academy in London.

She states that ‘My intent is to create human figurative works that are aesthetically engaging and with realistic qualities. My narrative questions ever changing culture and consumer identity by exploring influencing social and historical conditions. The use of Modern technology is vital in my creative process, as well as traditional materials and methods. Broken ancient artifacts and forgotten civilizations have inspired my work, and I have used this notion as a vehicle to express my concerns of changing identity.’

Who are we anyway? will be occupying the Pop Up Shop from 27 October – 2 November 2011.

Opening times are 10am-6pm Friday 28th, Saturday 29th and Sunday 30th.

For further details please contact Billie on billiebond9@hotmail.com or 07778521608