Previous exhibitions


From 16 April 2011 to 14 May 2011

An exhibition of work by Jenny Wiener, Pushing Print solo prize winner, 2010

Measuring Margate

14 May 2011

Launch for the new Measuring Margate site

Art Works

4 June 2011

Final exhibition to celebrate the Art Works project run by Turner Contemporary

I Wish I Could See My Little Willy

From 22 July 2011 to 2 August 2011

Judge for yourself whether McGill’s postcards are too rude to view.


From 13 August 2011 to 14 August 2011

Photographic festival exploring social systems and political structures

Pop Up City

From 26 August 2011 to 31 August 2011

Anna M Baranowska, Daniel Tollady, Francesca Ludlow, Marlies Vermeulen, Gareth Morgan

Designed 4 You

From 3 September 2011 to 30 September 2011

Designer makers offering hand crafted items and felt workshops

Pushing Print

From 8 October 2011 to 29 October 2011

Pushing Print is an open submission print exhibition, as well as talks, workshops and community events


From 4 November 2011 to 15 November 2011

– focusing on the relationships between contemporary art practice

Court Out

From 18 November 2011 to 20 November 2011

Art exhibition showcasing works from Dane Court Grammar School


From 24 November 2011 to 30 November 2011

“QUATTUORDECIM” a collaborative book by fourteen printmakers

Best of the Best

From 3 December 2011 to 6 December 2011

Celebration of art over the years at Wellesley House School

The Vintage Pinball Parlour

From 16 December 2011 to 24 December 2011

The Pinballs are back!


From 26 January 2012 to 8 February 2012

A mixed exhibition featuring work by 11 Kent based artists

Five Degrees Of Perception

From 16 February 2012 to 22 February 2012

Five artists portraying their own unique expressions of perception; exploring physical and visual aspects of life, and the articulation of thought.

Somewhere in Space my Heart Hangs

From 24 February 2012 to 29 February 2012

An exhibition featuring the work of Anabel Bassant, Noelle Berllaque, Jordan Holland, Miranda Mclean and Amy Morgan.

Omphalos Arts

From 31 March 2012 to 2 April 2012

A selection of Paintings, Drawings and Prints

Three in Pie

From 6 April 2012 to 10 April 2012

Three artists engaged in a conversation through painting, sculpture and photography.


From 20 April 2012 to 2 May 2012

An exhibition featuring the work of Brian Hodgson

Cognition -The Production of Perception

From 4 May 2012 to 9 May 2012

This exhibition constructs an inter-disciplinary creative forum, in association with the MA in Fine Art at the UCA Canterbury.

Between Things

From 17 May 2012 to 23 May 2012

Coming soon to the Pie Factory Gallery is ‘Between Things’ an exhibition organised by Red Dog Creative Studios Association.


From 26 May 2012 to 5 June 2012

We work in film, paint, print and drawings.

Okapi Happi

From 7 June 2012 to 13 June 2012

Carolyn’s paintings are concerned with reflections, recollections and memories: the poetic in the everyday.

Blue Skies

From 14 June 2012 to 20 June 2012

This exhibition features some vibrant colourful and dynamic pieces of textile, and collage work plus photos and paintings.

seenUNseen UCA Rochester Photography Degree Show

From 22 June 2012 to 26 June 2012

seenUNseen brings together the work of recent UCA Rochester Photography graduates.

Obsolete Studios

From 28 June 2012 to 4 July 2012

This event will be staged by Obsolete Studios and will include an exhibition and free portrait studio using the antique collodion process. Opening times are 29th June – 2nd July, 10-5pm.   A note from Rob Ball: Free Portrait Studio and Exhibition Obsolete Studios – will the store the things I’ve found. An exhibition of this […]


From 5 July 2012 to 18 July 2012

BA VISUAL MIXED MEDIA SHOW Canterbury College through Greenwich University, recently graduated, upcoming artists.

Water Cure

From 20 July 2012 to 1 August 2012

an exhibition of works by Gwen Ramsay, Michele Fletcher, Linda Lencovic, Alice Peillon, Viviana Duran and Will Gould

All at Sea

From 2 August 2012 to 8 August 2012

All At Sea re-imagines the physical and metaphorical spaces of the sea.

Margate Photofest

From 11 August 2012 to 12 August 2012

– a contemporary photography festival

Once I Caught a Fish

From 16 August 2012 to 22 August 2012

Once I Caught a Fish : Represents an eclectic mix of Kent based artists all exploring the sea through different means and journeys from fascinating objects in clay, paintings, paper and dazzling textile installations to live reports from the Walking Boat. Opening hours – 11am – 6pm from Monday to Sunday       […]

Tangled Up In Blue

From 24 August 2012 to 29 August 2012

Three Ramsgate artists; Janie Grout, Kate Willis-Crowley and David Harvey, come together at the Pie.


From 30 August 2012 to 5 September 2012

James Dunn will display an exhibition of canvas paintings and digital (iPad) prints at the gallery, accompanied by local artist Kellie Hogben.

King and Court Putting on a Show

From 14 September 2012 to 16 September 2012

An exhibition of truly contemporary art.


From 20 September 2012 to 26 September 2012

An eclectic photographic exhibition curated by Ady Kerry. Four local photographers contribute a varied selection of their personal and commissioned works.

Pushing Print 2012

From 6 October 2012 to 20 October 2012

an open submission print exhibition, as well as talks, workshops and community events


From 2 November 2012 to 14 November 2012

Nine artists explore the concept of place, space, time, journey, loss & change through sound, film, photography, painting, enamels, ceramic & installation.

Can’t Open The Door

From 16 November 2012 to 20 November 2012

Can’t Open The Door – an Immersive installation.

The Dreamlife of Debris

From 22 November 2012 to 28 November 2012

Is an exhibition of works by ten local artists whose practice is anchored in the objects and experiences of their day to day lives.

Suburbia on Sea

From 1 December 2012 to 2 January 2013

POP-UP store: SUBURBIA-on-SEA is a sustainable fashion shop from Düsseldorf.

In An Instant.

From 2 February 2013 to 3 February 2013

A photography exhibition in the medium of Instant Film. Also featuring Zine Library curated by Wolf Zines.

GEEK 2013

From 14 February 2013 to 27 February 2013

GEEK is an extravaganza of fun and games. GEEK 2013 festival to be held at various locations around Margate including Pie Factory.

Mind, Body and Matter

From 7 March 2013 to 13 March 2013

Featuring work by artists Laura Cutting, Sarah Curtis and Sarah Fleet   Opening party Thursday 7th March 4pm – 6pm Opening hours 10am – 4pm Mind, Body and Matter is a diverse and ambitious approach to the physical and mental being. A collection of installation based works involving sculpture, projection and photography will entice our […]

DANNA Project

From 16 March 2013 to 19 March 2013

Opening hours 11am – 5pm Preview 15 March from 6pm Saturday 16 – Tuesday 19 March An exhibition of works from DANNA project founders Anna Baranowska and Dan Tollady.

Brighter Days – a Spring Equinox Selling Event

From 22 March 2013 to 24 March 2013

At The Pie Factory Gallery, 5 Broad Street, Margate CT9 1EW On Friday 22nd, Saturday 23rd and Sunday 24th March 2013 Open 10am to 5pm We invite you to join in with the exciting Brighter Days event – the Pie Factory Gallery will be open to show the work of 12 selected designer, makers and […]

Lynn Davis Paintings

From 29 March 2013 to 8 April 2013

Lynn Davis, artist and architect, lives and works just outside Sandwich, Kent.

Revealing the Invisible

From 11 April 2013 to 17 April 2013

An Art Exhibition about Chronic Illness.


An exhibition of prints.  Information coming soon.


From 4 May 2013 to 14 May 2013

An exhibition of etchings, drawings and giclee prints by Eleanor Havsteen-Franklin, winner of the PUSHING PRINT solo show prize 2012

Eleanor Havsteen- Franklin

From 3 May 2013 to 15 May 2013

Anlyn art

From 23 May 2013 to 29 May 2013

Linda and Andy Grayling present Anlyn Art Open 1030am -530pm daily from 23 -29th May 2013 10% of all profits will be donated to Margate Pilgrims Hospice

65: The Interim show of CCCU’s BA (Hons) Photography Degree Programme

From 30 May 2013 to 5 June 2013

Interim Photography Show

From 29 May 2014 to 5 June 2013

Booked by Karen Shephardson

Canterbury Graphic Design Undergraduate Show

From 13 June 2013 to 19 June 2013

Canterbury Graphic Design Undergraduate Show TBC.

Grafik Archive

From 13 June 2013 to 19 June 2013

A collective of Canterbury based graphic designers exhibiting work from the previous year.

Dreamland Trust Exhibition Celebrating the work of designer and colourist Thomas Beaumont Walpole Champneys (1879-1961)

From 20 June 2013 to 3 July 2013



From 4 July 2013 to 10 July 2013

Photography Exhibition. A collective of ten lens-based photographers and artists working with still and moving images. Themes explored include surrealism, belonging, spiritualism, nature, portraiture, eroticism and subversion.   ‘The ability to make a truly artistic photograph is not acquired off-hand, but is the result of an artistic instinct coupled with years of labour’ – Alfred […]

SEAS Photography & The Sunbeam Collection

From 11 July 2013 to 17 July 2013

An exhibition consisting of vintage Walkies images taken by Sunbeam Photographers 1920s-1970s.

Sam Warr Photography Matthew Taylor photography

From 25 July 2013 to 31 July 2013

photography exhibition featuring work by Sam Warr and Matthew Taylor.

connaire clarke

From 1 August 2013 to 7 August 2013

The Docks Collective

From 1 August 2013 to 7 August 2013

Thursday 1st- Wednesday 7th August: Open everyday 9-5 This exciting show brings together newly graduated artists from the University of Kent and Camberwell College of Art to form The Docks Collective (Artist’s include: Abigail Attwood, Connaire Clarke, Charlotte Smith, Daniella Turbin, Martin Towbridge and Natasha Harris, two of which are due to exhibit at the […]

The Art of Karen Record

From 8 August 2013 to 21 August 2013

Karen a “Kentish Maid” with Kent in her soul. She has lived most of her adult life in her beloved Historic Medway Towns.

Twisted Beautiful

From 8 August 2013 to 21 August 2013

By The Art of Karen Record

Barber’s Son – Hairdresser’s Daughter

From 22 August 2013 to 28 August 2013

Exhibition of paintings from artist’s travels made during the academic year 2012 – 2013

Ellie Stanley

From 29 August 2013 to 4 September 2013

Fitz and Dada

From 29 August 2013 to 4 September 2013

Collection of contemporary and contemporary classic sculpture and paintings/mixed media.

David Ridgeway

From 5 September 2013 to 25 September 2013

David Ridgeway, Imran Khan and Daniela Flowerdew

From 5 September 2013 to 25 September 2013

My work focuses on the narrative, with references from history and contemporary western society…

Pushing Print 2013

From 5 October 2013 to 20 October 2013

Pushing Print 2013 will be held on Saturday 5th – Sunday 20th October. Private View on Friday 4th October and the Giant Print Event on Saturday 5th October 2013.

Working Proof

From 26 October 2013 to 30 October 2013

Exhibiting artists; Hannah Allison-Finucane, Ros Corfield, Victoria Court, Cassie Duce, Theresa Gadsby-Bourner, Sarah McTeiernan

Nostalgias: an exhibition coinciding with Nostalgias: Visualising Longing a conference taking place in Margate UK

From 1 November 2013 to 12 November 2013

Nostalgias: an exhibition coinciding with Nostalgias: Visualising Longing a conference taking place in Margate UK

Travel on Paper

From 14 November 2013 to 20 November 2013

Travel on Paper will be showing a collection of original midcentury travel posters.

Figure and Ground

From 21 November 2013 to 27 November 2013

Travel on Paper

From 3 July 2014 to 9 January 2014

Travel on Paper

Danish Collectables: midcentury furniture & accessories

From 6 February 2014 to 19 March 2014

With a keen eye for great design, family run business Danish Collectables have been making regular buying trips to Denmark since 2011 to bring the best of Danish and Scandinavian design to Margate.  Call in to see what’s on offer (or visit their online shop) – but be quick as the stock is constantly changing […]

Deborah Crofts & Sally Higgs: Out of the Blue

From 21 March 2014 to 26 March 2014

Using a combination of sky, clouds and sea as starting points, artists Deborah Crofts and Sally Higgs have found freedom for their personal expression and have created these responses to the weather.

Danish Furniture & British Tableware

From 27 March 2014 to 9 April 2014

Are you looking to make changes to your home?  Well this could be your lucky fortnight.  Danish Collectables and Jenny Duff have teamed up to bring you fantastic Danish sourced furniture alongside Jenny Duff’s eclectic and design-led table mats, coasters and trays.  Visit the Gallery to see feature room displays and to purchase everything you […]

Tracy Varndell: A Pocket Sonnet Part II

From 10 April 2014 to 16 April 2014

A Pocket Sonnet Part II is a continuation of work by photographer Tracy Varndell and comprises a series of images commenting on our values and attitudes toward modern morality.

Yvonne Lyons & Julia Kerrison: A Sense of Change

From 17 April 2014 to 23 April 2014

A series of paintings exploring the theme of change in the landscape throughout the day and the seasons

Brian Westbury : Paintings, Drawings, Prints, Photographs 1996 to 2014

From 26 April 2014 to 6 May 2014

10am to 5pm Contact number for all inquiries about this event: 07712 001563 Working in a variety of media, a very personal concern, and reaction to the multiplicity and decimation of  visual images through electronic and film, and its usage in social and political contexts.  

Tunde Odelade and Friends at Pie Factory Margate

From 8 May 2014 to 21 May 2014

Open 10am to 6pm Tunde paintings are of the impressionist style which could all be classed as landscapes. Kate Withstandley, Kasia Parker and David Houston works are all Photography based           Tunde’s paintings are inspired from the landscapes of London, where he grew up. It was the beautiful landscapes that inspired […]

The Art of Interruption: CCCU Photography Interim Show

From 24 May 2014 to 27 May 2014

10.30am to 4.00pm This group show exhibits the developing creative practice undertaken by first year photographic undergraduates studying at CCCU. For more information about the show please contact 07918 111602

Hello my name is…

From 31 May 2014 to 3 June 2014

10am to 5pm ‘Hello my name is’ features photography students from Canterbury Christ Church University, the exhibition marks the end of the second year so you can expect to see a plethora of styles and voices. For more information about this show please contact 07918 111602

East Kent College: Time Flies

From 6 June 2014 to 13 June 2014

10am to 6pm

East Kent College Pop Up Shop

From 14 June 2014 to 17 June 2014

East Kent College Creatives in partnership with The Pie Factory will open its doors to the public, hosting a new opportunity for students to offer their work for sale.

Don Eachells: Reflect…Deflect

From 22 June 2014 to 2 July 2014

10am to 6pm ‘Reflect … Deflect’ an exhibition by Don Eachells, showcases some of his work from the early 1990’s to the present. His practice includes painting, printmaking and photography and his interests and engagement in the language of art are varied. Much of his work displays an emphasis on colour and form via abstraction, […]

Travel on Paper

From 4 July 2014 to 7 July 2014

11am to 5pm Travel on Paper specialises in midcentury travel posters. The show will feature London Transport, Olympic, railway and sailing posters with designs by Tom Eckersley, Abram Games, David Klein, Max Bill and many more. All posters are for sale. For more information on Travel on Paper, please visit For enquiries about this […]

An exhibition of painting, drawings & prints by David Ridgway & Clare Dove

From 12 July 2014 to 23 July 2014

An exhibition of painting, drawings, prints & ceramics by David Ridgway & Clare Dove

Myth & Gaslight: Anton Shapiro & David Mullett

From 25 July 2014 to 5 August 2014

An exhibition of paintings, drawings & sculptures

Meraki: Karen and Ian Record

From 7 August 2014 to 20 August 2014

Exhibition of art works by Karen and Ian Record

KnitterKnitKnitKnit: Shades of Colour

From 23 August 2014 to 25 August 2014

10am to 4pm For more information about this event please call 07980 622021 We are hosting a mixed exhibition over August Bank Holiday weekend, which will consist of Shades of Colour, Deckchairs inspired by Mondrian, Jenny Duff Mats and a pop-up cafe from Proper Coffee House. A #SummerOfColour event, Pie Factory Margate is easy to […]

Expose 10: Photography Exhibition

From 28 August 2014 to 3 September 2014

11am to 5pm daily eXpose 10 is a group of ten photographers from Whitstable who got together in 2013 when participating in the 365 project ‘ a year in the life of …. ‘ Our personal styles and subject matter reflect the diversity of the group members. We held a successful exhibition at the Horsebridge […]

Printmakers Council: CMYK

From 6 September 2014 to 17 September 2014

Printmakers Council print exhibition

Personal Space: An exhibition of art work by Yvonne Lyons, Julia Kerrison, Stephanie Brunton & June Frickleton

From 19 September 2014 to 30 September 2014

10.30am to 6pm Private View: Friday 19th September, 7 to 9.30pm Four women artists; Yvonne Lyons, Julia Kerrison, Stephanie Brunton and June Frickleton will be exhibiting an eclectic collection of sublime paintings exploring the theme of personal space.   Visitors can expect a visual treat as the artists explore the theme in different styles. The paintings on […]

Five Years On

From 4 October 2014 to 14 October 2014

Pushing Print 2014

Pie Factory Margate Studios Exhibition as part of East Kent Open Houses

From 17 October 2014 to 21 October 2014

11am to 5pm The studio occupants at Pie Factory Margate will be throwing open their doors over 3 weekends of the East Kent Open Houses event (18th/19th, 25th/26th October & 1st/2nd November 2014) To launch the open studios we will be hosting an exhibition in Pie Factory Margate Gallery, so please pop in and see […]


From 24 October 2014 to 5 November 2014

An exhibition of diverse work – painting, pottery, music and printmaking by a group of artists from East Kent

100 Pieces of Art Auction in aid of Pilgrims Hospices

From 8 November 2014 to 15 November 2014

Auction Date: 15th November 2014 starting at 2pm (estimated end time: 5.30pm) Pre-auction viewing Saturday 8th to Friday 14th November, 10am to 4pm, and Saturday 15th November 10am to 1pm. Celebrity and local artists contribute art items for sale Pie Factory Margate are proud to be supporting this event,  with works by Tracey Emin, Bradley Walsh, Jools Holland, […]

Brighter Days

From 21 November 2014 to 23 November 2014

A festive event, featuring the work of selected designers, makers and artists. We invite you to join in with the exciting Brighter Days event – Pie Factory Margate will be open to show the work of twelve designers, makers and artists. With jewellery, Christmas decorations, cards, ceramics and plenty of gift ideas. This is an […]

Precious Kent – Objects of Desire

From 28 November 2014 to 30 November 2014

Friday 11am to 9pm, Saturday 11am to 8pm, Sunday 11am to 6pm Contemporary precious metal jewellery and silverware created by Shelby Fitzpatrick Irmgard Frauscher Polly Gasston Ulla Hornfeldt Mohammed Janbek Sabine Konig Edward Mahony Justin Richardson Kayo Saito Olivia Schlevogt Ray Walton   For more information about this event, please contact Sabine Konig 07949 935952 […]

Shirley Parker-Gore, Shahida Sakaria & Polly Bell: Wish You Were Here!

From 5 December 2014 to 16 December 2014

Friday 12th December : 10am to 5pm Saturday 13th December : 11am to 5pm Sunday 14th December : 10am to 5pm Monday 15th December : closed Tuesday 16th December : 10am to 5pm Wednesday 17th December : 10am to 1pm …paintings…screen prints and Irish landscapes   for more information about Shirley Parker-Gore please visit

Danish Collectables

From 18 December 2014 to 4 March 2015

With a keen eye for great design, family run business Danish Collectables have been making regular buying trips to Denmark since 2011 to bring the best of Danish and Scandinavian design to Margate.  Call in to see what’s on offer (or visit their online shop) – but be quick as the stock is constantly changing […]

Dane Court Grammar: The Sea Will Soon…

From 14 March 2015 to 15 March 2015

Open 10am to 5pm A mixed media exhibition featuring the work of 7 students studying for International Baccelaureate, including portraits, sculptures, print and more…

Found Out/Caught and Tried: Margot Bandola – Paintings

From 20 March 2015 to 31 March 2015

Open 11.00am to 5.00pm dailyPaintings peppered with nocturnal characters emerging from the subconscious. In oil and collage she explores the absurd, juxtaposing the savage and wry, revealing inner and outer space from a feminist point of view.

Adams, Easton & Franks

From 3 April 2015 to 7 April 2015

10am to 4pm A photography exhibition featuring the work of three Kent based photographers. Each artist will showcase their current body of work which reflects their own individual style and personality.

Limited Editions: Richmond Printmakers

From 9 April 2015 to 15 April 2015

The exhibition opens on 9th April from 2.00 to 5.00pm Then continues from 10.30am to 5.00pm daily Each day there will be an opportunity to meet one of the artists exhibiting and discuss their work. An exciting exhibition of original prints including etchings, screen prints, collagraphs, linocuts and lithographs by artists from the Richmond Printmakers […]

Light Colour Texture – An exhibition by See Glass & Friends

From 17 April 2015 to 29 April 2015

Tuesday to Thursday 10am to 5pm (closing at 12noon on Wednesday 29th) Friday to Sunday 10am to 6pm closed on Monday An exciting opportunity to explore gorgeous glass as well as stunning photography, striking prints and sumptuous paper sculptures by eleven Kent based artists. All work will be for sale. See Glass was formed in 2012 by […]

Vote for Nude

From 30 April 2015 to 6 May 2015

10am to 7pm For more information about this exhibition please call 01227 451991 From caricatures to classical style drawings, an exploration of the male and female Nude through photos, watercolours & mixed media paintings. Gentle, downright silly and works by five members of the Canterbury Life Drawing Group.  

Stephen Lobb: Paintings and Constructions

From 8 May 2015 to 19 May 2015

10am to 5pm closed 11 May Private View Saturday 9th May 2015 6 to 9pm – all welcome For more information about this exhibition please call  07769 845 234 The pictures have grown from many different ideas and passions; of forests and fires, ponds and beaches, fairgrounds, greed and war – each developing in […]

The Presence of Absence: Canterbury Christchurch University

From 23 May 2015 to 26 May 2015

10am to 4pm An exciting end of year group exhibition, showcasing the best of the second year photographic students art work. We present a diverse and innovative body of work that reflects the up and coming artistic community of Margate. Selected work will be for sale.

Herding Cats: Waltzers & Winkles – Two exhibitions in one space

From 28 May 2015 to 3 June 2015

11am to 5pm Saturday 11am to 7pm You are invited to the Private View on Saturday 30th May from 3.30 to 7pm Herding Cats is a show from a group of artists with nothing much in common: Waltzers & Winkles is some of the same artists working to a common theme.

East Kent College Art/Media/Photography Exhibition

From 5 June 2015 to 17 June 2015

11.00am to 4.00pm There will be a private viewing on Thursday 4th June at 6.00pm to 8.00pm all are welcome. The Visual Arts Department at East Kent College in partnership with Pie Factory Margate invites you to the Annual Exhibition showcasing work from artistic subject areas including Media, Art, 3D Design, Graphics and Photography. Visual Arts Programme Area […]

Michael Hutchison: Round & About, Mostly Landscapes of East Kent and Beyond

From 19 June 2015 to 23 June 2015

10am to 5pm Come and experience a visual feast of mostly landscapes, painted with vivacity and a real “feel” for mood and atmosphere. Enjoy the expressive use of oils and watercolours.   Michael Hutchison was born in Malaysia, a son of a Gurkha officer. The influence of these early years is still present in his […]

Fiona Fouhy: prints, drawings & animation

From 27 June 2015 to 5 July 2015

10am to 5pm Please join Fiona on Saturday 27th June from 6 to 8pm for a Private View of the exhibition   monoprint, etching, drypoint, pen&ink, DVD animation Time is a significant feature in Fiona Fouhy’s work: the speed or painstaking slowness in making a piece; the reduction of time through animation or its unravelling […]

Varied Space

From 10 July 2015 to 14 July 2015

11am to 5pm You are invited to the Private View – times tbc For more information about this exhibition please contact 01843 591546 A group of Ramsgate artists including Laurence Chandler, Patricia Bentley, Lesley Gray and Fiona Howard showing ‘hint towards reality’ seascapes, ‘other world’ pieces and ‘abstract works’ expressing emotions and feelings.     […]

Pop Up Gallery Presentation

From 16 July 2015 to 22 July 2015

Thursday 16th July 1 to 5pm Friday 17th to Tuesday 21st July 10am to 7pm Wednesday 22nd July 10am to 3pm Private View Thursday 16th July from 6 to 8pm This group show by local Artists, Photographers and Makers will host a collection of work, which will also be available to buy For more information […]

Earthjam Media presents…

From 23 July 2015 to 29 July 2015

10am to 5pm   For information about this exhibition please call 07971 013 511    


From 1 August 2015 to 4 August 2015

11am to 4.00pm Opening night Friday 31st July 2015 Pilgrimage is an exhibition celebrating art made using traditional methods. Linocuts, analogue photography and sculptures will be amongst the works displayed. Many of those exhibiting works are graduates from the Kent Institute of Art and Design in Maidstone and the University of the Creative Arts in […]

Dualism – Work by Darren Lewis & John Pledger

From 8 August 2015 to 19 August 2015

Open 10am to 5pm daily Dualism – from the Latin word duo meaning “two” Duality – a condition of being two, of having two parts usually with opposite meanings John Pledger and Darren Lewis exhibit together for the first time, displaying diverse and varied approaches to their work that offers striking contrasts but also an […]

Barber’s Son – Hairdresser’s Daughter: A Slice of Pink Cake

From 21 August 2015 to 26 August 2015

10am to 6pm Sunday 11am to 5pm Private View Friday 21st August 6pm onwards – all welcome BARBER’S SON – HAIRDRESSER’S DAUGHTER: A SLICE OF PINK CAKE A celebration of the disbanded Tormead Art Department.  Young women working in Art, Design, Fashion and Architecture. This promises to be a rich and vibrant show, curated by Susie […]

Barber’s Son – Hairdresser’s Daughter: Moss

From 28 August 2015 to 1 September 2015

10am to 5pm Private View Friday August 28th 6pm onwardsBARBER’S SON – HAIRDRESSER’S DAUGHTER: MOSS A rolling stone gathers no moss, however, as we journey through life we cannot help but collect people to travel with for long or short periods. This multi-media exhibition relates to artists’ journeys in the broadest sense and contains some […]

Anton Shapiro:An exhibition of Art Work

From 3 September 2015 to 16 September 2015

11am to 5pm Many of my paintings use mythology as a starting point. Lewis Carrol’s has inspired many interpretations for artists since it was written in the 19th century. The feeling of a painting is expressed by the way the paint is applied. The relationship of form, space, colour and draughtsmanship explains a painting better […]

Anthony Giles: The Studio Exhibition

From 18 September 2015 to 23 September 2015

10am to 5pm There will be a ‘meet the artist’ reception on the Saturday 19th September 2015 from 10am until 5pm Anthony will be recreating his studio for just one week in the Pie Factory Margate Gallery where he will be working daily as well as exhibiting over forty new paintings along with his oil sketches on […]


From 25 September 2015 to 30 September 2015

10am to 5pm Darren Lewis, Luke Tappy and Alex Foster are all local artists with real contrasting styles who have been commissioned to create a film poster for Eyes Front Productions latest film ‘Forbidden’ which is being shot in Margate. The exhibition will contain a collection of posters created for the film alongside work relating to Margate by each […]

100 Pieces of Art: Art Auction in aid of Pilgrims Hospices

From 3 October 2015 to 10 October 2015

Work may be viewed between 10am and 4pm daily Pie Factory Margate are very pleased to be hosting this auction again this year. The auction will be held on Saturday 10th October at 1pm The call to artists is now closed For further details please contact Karen on 01843 233934 or check details on the Pilgrims […]

Things That Are There

From 17 October 2015 to 27 October 2015

Closed Monday 19 & Tuesday 20 October 2015 11am to 6pm Private View: Saturday 17 October 2pm to 8pm Things That Are There brings together the work of five artists (Tom Banks, Sam Hodge, Mark Sowden, Matthew Swift, Ana Vicente) who find inspiration from observations of the environments in which they live.  Their concern is […]

Pie Factory Margate Studios & Guests: East Kent Open Houses

From 31 October 2015 to 3 November 2015

11am to 5pm Preview: Friday 30 October 5.30 to 8.30pm Join the occupants of Pie Factory Margate and their guests for a weekend opening and exhibition in the Gallery Mick Arnold, Girl Mad As Birds, Maple Tea Press, Ian Youngs, Jenny Duff, Thea Arnold, Clare Youngs, David Mullett, Charlie Evaristo-Boyce, Don Eachells

Macabre Delights: Group Show

From 5 November 2015 to 10 November 2015

Open daily 10-5pm Thursday 5th Nov – Private view, meet the artists, 4-6pm Tuesday 10th Nov – “Art Macabre Death Drawing Salon” 7-9pm Clare Chapman, Louise Hanson, Holly King, more artists tbc Horror and art go hand in hand, the artists have created an atmosphere of beauty, horror and elegance in nightmarish style. The events […]

SEAS: Art Textile Exhibition: The Whole Nine Yards

From 13 November 2015 to 17 November 2015

10am to 5pm Meet the Artist Open to All and includes a sumptuous afternoon tea. Saturday, 14th November 2015, 1pm to 5pm   Exhibitors: Mike Tedder – Print Maker; Painter and Textiles Kath Love – Textile Artist Chris Birbeck – Painter; Textile Artist Nicki Vowls – Printmaker; Painter and Textiles Patricia Barry – Mixed Media […]

Kent Creative Arts: Memory, a group exhibition

From 20 November 2015 to 25 November 2015

10am to 4pm The show will display 70 pieces of work by Kent artists who responded to the theme ‘Memory’, covering a variety of mediums: painting, sculpture, drawing, photography, textile, video, installations, etc.. From personal to collective memories, all can be contemplated and enjoyed at this exhibition. Submitted works have been selected by a jury […]

Precious Kent: Jeweller & Silversmith group exhibition

From 27 November 2015 to 29 November 2015

Friday, 27 November: 11am to 9pm Saturday, 28 November:  11am to 8pm Sunday, 29 November:  11am to 5pm   PRECIOUS KENT is a group of award-winning designer-makers presenting a selling exhibition of handcrafted silverware and jewellery.  They represent the best of British creativity, design innovation and superb craftmanship.  

A Handful of Dust

From 4 December 2015 to 16 December 2015

For information on this exhibition please visit the website

A glimpse of art and imagination: Barbara Marks

From 23 January 2016 to 2 February 2016

12 noon to 5pm Mondays by appointment only For more information, please contact the artist: mobile: 07793 207993 Working on paper My interest is in the vulnerable nature of paper and the varied responses it gives to paint. I aspire to connect to colours’ spiritual nature through the purity of pigment. I love to explore how light and […]

Clare Chapman: Solo Show

From 8 February 2016 to 29 February 2016

10 to 5pm Monday to Friday 12 to 4pm  Saturday and Sunday 8-19th February Clare will be using Pie Factory Margate as a Pop Up Studio where she will be creating work based around her Degree show idea of Heaven and Hell. Visitors are welcome to walk in and watch or chat with Clare whilst […]

Dane Court Grammar School: International Baccalaureate Exhibition

From 3 March 2016 to 16 March 2016

Boy Decomposing a Tablecloth: Aidan Gray, Susan Fletcher

From 18 March 2016 to 22 March 2016

Saturday 19 to Tuesday 22 March: 11am to 4pm You are invited to the Private View on Friday 18 March from 6pm to 9pm Pie Factory Margate presents the first joint exhibition of new work from Aidan Gray and Susan Fletcher since their successful commission and exhibition by the Griffin Gallery and Queen Elizabeth Scholarship Trust […]

Rich Cameron: Uncovered

From 25 March 2016 to 5 April 2016

10am to 6pm Private view: Thursday 24 March at 6pm Please note that this exhibition contains nudity The exhibition explores how we are changing and see ourselves in light of the multitude of changes happening in society from social media, media views on the body to zero hour contracts. The exhibition presents a mix of portraiture […]


From 8 April 2016 to 13 April 2016

Friday to Tuesday 10am to 4pm Wednesday 10am to 12noon A collaborative exhibition between 3 local artists working together to showcase their take on placing and removing filters within today’s society. Working with a broad range of mediums including photography, collage and painting, Dean, Proctor and Goulding referencing history, popular culture and modern society allowing […]

Axis and Allies: Russell Cobb

From 16 April 2016 to 25 April 2016

10am to 5.30pm closed 18 & 19 April A graduate of Saint Martin’s School of Art London, Russell specialised in Illustration and Photography. After winning many industry awards in illustration, including 5 Best of British Gold Awards the exhibition marks a return to photography. Inspired by a childhood saturated with WW2 toys, films , magazines, […]

Figuration: Angela Carol Stocker

From 29 April 2016 to 3 May 2016

10am to 6pm Private View: Friday 29 April 2016, 6pm to 9pm Figuration is an exhibition of the creative process laid bare by Artist Angela Carol Stocker MA Angela Studied at UCA Canterbury and holds a BA, hons and Masters degree in  Fine Art.  This is her first solo exhibition since completing the MA. For […]

Three Way Mirror: David White, Marilyn Williams and Steve Lobb

From 6 May 2016 to 18 May 2016

10 am to 5 pm Private View: Saturday 7 May at 6pm An exhibition about ways of seeing – how artists using the clay and minerals of the earth delight in its wonders … and fear for its fragility. David’s work explores in colours, shapes and decoration, the beauty of our natural world in contrast […]

5 Jewellers for 5 Days

From 20 May 2016 to 24 May 2016

10am to 7pm Davina Simpson; Jane Doubleday; Kajulee; SunRayCatcher Designs and Unique in Silver. 5 local jewellery designers, each with their own unique style, working with precious metals, gemstones and glass to create individual pieces for sale or commission. For further information about this Exhibition, please call Anna on 0776 834516 or Alison on 07834 […]

Canterbury Christ Church University: One Tenth of Everything

From 27 May 2016 to 30 May 2016

Saturday, Sunday and Bank Holiday Monday, 28-30 May 2016, 10:00-16:00 Private View: Friday 27 May, 18:00 -20:00 Free Seaside Cyanotype Workshop: Saturday 28 May from 12:00 This spring bank holiday, second year Photography students of Canterbury Christ Church University will present an interim exhibition at Pie Factory Margate in the rising seaside town of Margate. […]

East Kent College : 2016 Visual Arts Exhibition

From 7 June 2016 to 13 June 2016

11am to 4pm  

Making Space: Brook Hobbins, Margaret Kerfoot, Alison Shipton, Patricia Wilson-Smith

From 17 June 2016 to 28 June 2016

10am to 4.30pm closed Mondays Margaret Kerfoot, Alison Shipton, Brook Hobbins, Patricia Wilson-Smith A sculptor and three painters present an interactive exhibition of recent work and work in progress  

Herding Cats

From 1 July 2016 to 12 July 2016

11am to 6pm Private View: Saturday 2 July, 3 to 6pm Herding Cats is a group of ten artists with not a lot in common. This will be our second exhibition at Pie Factory Margate For more information about this exhibition please call 07950 174 115 ANNIE TAYLOR creates illustrative and 3D work around Fairy Tales old […]

Pushing Print Bursary: Euan G. Stewart: Skin and Bone: The Anatomy of Monoprint

From 15 July 2016 to 19 July 2016

10am to 5pm Private View: Thursday 14 July 6.00 to 8.30pm For more information about this exhibition please call 07787 501152 This exhibition will focus on a series of monoprints created through a new and original printmaking technique. One that uses leather as either plate or paper, providing surprising and unique results. The unifying subject […]

The Luminous and the Grey

From 22 July 2016 to 2 August 2016

11am to 5pm daily Helen Brooker, Shona McGovern, Penny Watts, Jane Kullman, Tina Atchison-Thomas, Roy Eastland, Graham Ward ‘We find beauty not in the thing itself, but in the patterns of shadows, the light and the darkness, that one thing against another creates’. Seven artists seek the beauty that is found in light and darkness. […]

Boketto: Ian & Karen Record

From 4 August 2016 to 10 August 2016

10am to 6pm Daily.  10am to 3pm Wednesday. Boketto, a Japanese word meaning: The act of gazing vacantly into the distance without thinking. For this exhibition Karen has created two distinct bodies of work, the Organic and Flower series. Karen invites you to gaze at the work and become immersed. The pieces are in oils […]

Pushing Print Bursary: Liz Wilson: The Manufacture of Time

From 13 August 2016 to 16 August 2016

10am – 6pm Private View: Saturday 13th August | 6:00pm – 9:00pm Working across the boundaries of printmaking, moving image and sculpture the exhibition explores the stretch of time that exists between the industrial and post-industrial. Drawing upon the speed and acceleration of time, the work examines the tempo and energy of the machine and the […]

Back to Basics by Abbott van Dada And Luda Ludmila Where science meets art

From 19 August 2016 to 31 August 2016

10.30am- 6pm Private View with complimentary Pimms and caviar 7pm Friday 19th August all are welcome A mixed media exhibition consisting of quality sculptured jewellery worked in solid gold and silver part of the new Dada collection along with his bespoke oak furniture. We are also show casing a guest artist, textured acrylics by Luda […]


From 1 September 2016 to 14 September 2016

10am to 5pm A collection of Amazingly talented Artists showing their very best and unique work, some of which has been made especially for this exhibition. It’s brave, its bold it’s RAW talent at it’s very best. For more information about this exhibition please telephone 07999 485855 or email

An Undesirable Archive: Steve McPherson

From 16 September 2016 to 21 September 2016

10.30am to 5pm Preview – Friday 16 September 6pm to 8pm Steve McPherson has been collecting, documenting and using plastic objects that he finds on the coast of Thanet, in his artworks for over 20 years. His exhibition ‘Undesirable Archive’ at the Pie Factory, provides the opportunity to explore a variety of artworks using these […]

Sand, Sea and Light: An exhibition by Darren Lewis and Ross Andrews

From 23 September 2016 to 28 September 2016

10am to 6pm Sand, Sea and Light derives from two artists using the same subject matter from a very different approach, perspective and discipline.  Darren is a traditional oil painter using traditional methods to capture the changing light, mood and atmosphere of the surrounding coastlines of Thanet.  Having lived by the sea for 44 years […]

‘In a lifetime…..’ Anne Molineux

From 30 September 2016 to 5 October 2016

 10am to 5pm ‘Sometimes an opportunity presents itself unexpectedly. This exhibition is a collection of my work – through periods of excitement, joy, difficulties and pain and the survival of a creative spirit.’ For more information please call 07954157518

Trialogue: Omi Abdullah, Julia Iwasz, Nicholas Addison

From 7 October 2016 to 11 October 2016

Friday 11am to 9pm Saturday & Sunday 11am to 6pm Monday & Tuesday 11am to 6pm Trialogue explores what happens when three artists working differently come together through ties of friendship. Elaborate, painted palimpsests meet intense, repetitive drawings alongside images of detritus; unexpected convergences emerge. Tel 07432732978                 […]

Margot Bandola: Myth, Memory & Lightning, Solo Exhibition of New Work

From 13 October 2016 to 25 October 2016

Working mainly in oil and collage Margot Bandola’s expressionistic painting explores the absurd and unfathomable providing a news bulletin from a shrouded ether world. Peppered with nocturnal characters emerging from the subconscious her paintings evolve twilight darknesses to reveal a pertinent fact. Everyone plays a role in the somnabulist state. Using colour, rhythm and texture […]

Light Touch: Cathy Rogers

From 29 October 2016 to 1 November 2016

12 to 7pm Private View on Friday 28 October 2016, from 6 to 9pm Film Screening: closing event: Tuesday 1 November 2016 – see Facebook for details The basic components of the photographic image and cinematic form, camera, light, photosensitive material, time and projection is merged and expanded in a show of photogram and contact […]

To a death in sweating wakefulness: Dawn Cole, Johanna Love and Monica Petzal

From 5 November 2016 to 16 November 2016

Tuesday to Saturday 11am to 5pm Sunday 12 noon to 4pm Closed Monday 3 female artists trace back through their own family archives, German and British, to explore the emotional and physical impact of the conflict during the First and Second World War. All three artists share a fascination with looking back to the impact of […]

Contemporary Colour: Amanda Thompson & Elisabeth Sephton

From 18 November 2016 to 30 November 2016

10am to 4pm Tuesday to Friday 10am to 5pm Saturday and Sunday Private View: Saturday 19 November from 4pm to 6pm An exhibition of paintings by Amanda Thompson and photographs by Elisabeth Sephton. Both graduated from Art Colleges in the early 1980’s and have been working as professional artists for over 30 years. This is […]

Precious Kent 2016: Objects of Desire

From 2 December 2016 to 4 December 2016

 Friday 11am to 9pm Saturday 11am to 8pm Sunday 11am to 6pm Private view Friday 2 December 6pm to 8pm PRECIOUS KENT are back for their third year at Pie Factory Margate. A Kent based group of international award-winning jewellery designer/makers & silversmiths they will be joined this year by the renowned Goldsmiths’ Centre, a […]


From 9 December 2016 to 21 December 2016

10am to 5pm meet the artists event Saturday 10 December 2016 10am to 5pm Award winning artists Anthony Giles and Paul Gadenne are joining forces for two weeks this December to bring you the best of their recent work. Most of the paintings are new to the public and have been chosen just for this […]

Floating by Bubble

From 2 January 2017 to 29 January 2017

  please call 07402 885544 or 07510 837900 to check opening times and days Although vastly different in context and style, the similar colour palette between Lauren Pryde’s and Clare Chapman’s work connects through the discussion of life and death. This can be discovered through their joint exhibition at Pie FactoryMargate. “Floating in a bubble… […]

Canterbury Arts Club

From 30 January 2017 to 11 February 2017

Open 11am to 6pm You are invited to the Private View on 4 February 2017 from 6.30 to 8.30pm For more information about this exhibition please call 07402 885544   The First Group show of Canterbury Arts Club Members, all different mediums and styles. Come down and see what our Members are up to in their […]


From 13 February 2017 to 28 February 2017

Open 11am to 6pm Saturday to Thursday Closed on Fridays You are invited to the Private View on 18 February 2017 from 6.30 to 8.30pm For more information about this exhibition please call 07402 885544 WHY PINK? I’ve gravitated to and from the colour pink. I’ve worked without colour and with many colours, but every […]

Dane Court

From 2 March 2017 to 8 March 2017

There are no confirmed opening days or times for this exhibition

POW! Thanet event: Material Matters

From 10 March 2017 to 21 March 2017

10am to 5pm Tuesday to Sunday (closed Monday) ARTIST TALK AND PREVIEW: 10th March – 5pm-6.30pm (Talks) 6.30pm – 8pm (Preview) book your tickets for the Artist Talk here For more information about this exhibition please contact Sally Childs, Artist/Curator Tel: 07786 674661 Email: An exhibition of 5 female artists whose practice involves the use […]

Gallery closed for essential maintenance work

From 23 March 2017 to 29 March 2017

Rapid Response: Whitstable Art

From 31 March 2017 to 5 April 2017

Thursday 30 March  2.00 to 5.00pm Friday 31 March to Tuesday 4 April  11.00am to 5.oopm Wednesday 5 April  11am to 2pm Private View: Friday 31 March 6pm to 8pm Activity Carousel: Sunday 2 April 2pm to 4pm A participatory event.  An activity carousel of activities; including claywork, monoprinting , and instant popup bookmaking.  Cost £5  Book […]

Nice Try: Adam Newton & KEEPSAD

From 7 April 2017 to 11 April 2017

10am to 5pm daily Millennial-post-punk collaborative art show for these end times. Paintings, collages, prints, sculptures and rugs, made between Medway and Oxford in 2016. Contact telephone number for inquiries about the exhibition: 07810 464545   NICE TRY brings together experimental paintings, prints, sculptures and rugs exploring the dark underbelly of contemporary life. Combining elements […]

Uncommon Ground: Paul Atkins / Simon Burbidge

From 14 April 2017 to 19 April 2017

Friday to Tuesday: 10am to 6pm Wednesday: 10am to 1pm Private View: Thursday 13 April 2017 6pm to 9pm Open House: Saturday 15 April 2017 10am to 6pm Family Print Workshop: Monday 19 April 2017 12noon to 3pm   An exhibition of Prints, Paintings and Sculptures. These two local artists based in Ramsgate studied Fine Art […]

South East Artists at Margate

From 21 April 2017 to 25 April 2017

10am to 5pm An exciting mix of fine art and crafts.  Including Paintings, Print Work, Photography, Textiles, and Ceramics. For more information about this exhibition, please contact Patricia Barry 01304 382210 Laurence Utterley – Ceramics Pauline Davis – Ceramics Marilyn Williams – Ceramics David White – Ceramics Chris Birbeck – Textiles Patricia Barry – Print, […]

Interlock: Linda Simon & Shirley-Ann Galbraith

From 28 April 2017 to 1 May 2017

11am to 4pm daily Private view: Saturday 2pm to 5pm For inquiries about the exhibition please call: Linda: 07887 515303 or Shirley-Ann: 07701 000822 A joint exhibition of work by Linda Simon and Shirley-Ann Galbraith investigating the relational processes of  transformation, repetition and disrupted pattern. Linda Simon’s work is influenced by digital technology and data. […]

Legacy: Vivienne Yankah & Julia Rogers

From 6 May 2017 to 9 May 2017

Daily opening 10.30am to 5pm Private view: 5 May 2017 6pm to 9pm – all welcome Contact 07803464991 for further details about this exhibition   Reflecting on the passing of time. Marking our existence through object, action and experience. Two artists explore their responses through ceramic form, photography, installation and video. The artists will be […]

I Want To See: Lucianna Whittle

From 12 May 2017 to 16 May 2017

10am to 5pm daily This is an exhibition to be experienced: large and very moving abstract expressionist oil paintings on both paper and canvas by Brighton based artist Lucianna Whittle. Contact telephone number for inquiries about the exhibition: 07530 846130

IKIGAI: The Artwork of Ian & Karen Record

From 18 May 2017 to 24 May 2017

Ikigai, a Japanese word meaning: the reason for being.   11am to 6pm (Wednesday 11am to 4pm) Private View: Friday 19 May 4 to 7pm This exhibition continues from 10 to 16 August 2017   The work in this exhibition is our Ikigai, our reason to get up in the morning. Karen works mainly in […]

Renewable Dreams: Photography Exhibition

From 27 May 2017 to 29 May 2017

10am to 5pm Private View: 26 May 6 to 8pm Renewable Dreams presents the work of the Year One Photography Students at Canterbury Christ Church University. This exhibition explores the creative practice and critical engagement within the programme and showcases the best of the Year One Photography projects.

Alan Root: A Place to Stand

From 3 June 2017 to 6 June 2017

11am to 4.30pm For more information about this exhibition please call 07879774211 Big canvases of the sea and cliffs, smaller wire pictures, town studies on little postcards and a full wall video installation.  

East Kent College Creative Arts students: Pick and Mix

From 9 June 2017 to 14 June 2017

Open 10.30am to 4.30pm Friday to Tuesday 10.30am to 2.00pm Wednesday with evening performances at 7.00pm from Performing Arts and Music students on Friday 9 and Saturday 10 June For inquiries about this exhibition, please call 07870 868483 This exhibition will feature a wide range of paintings, prints, photography, film and media work, with something […]

United Society of Artists: Summer Exhibition

From 17 June 2017 to 28 June 2017

Tuesday to Saturday 11am to 5pm Sunday 12noon to 4pm Closed Monday You are invited to Meet the Artists exhibiting in this exhibition at Pie Factory Margate and Lombard Street Gallery on Saturday 17 June from 2pm to 5pm For more information about this exhibition, please contact Ruth McDonald 07712532141 This exhibition is jointly hosted at Lombard […]

Four Rooms: Jessica Willows & Friends

From 30 June 2017 to 11 July 2017

10am to 5pm daily For inquiries about this exhibition, please contact Jessica Willows   07999485855 Four rooms, Four Artists, Four Styles! Jessica Willows will be showing her newest work along with other Individually talented Artists, it’s new, it’s exciting it’s an event for Art lovers and Artists. Free Entry. Jessica Willows is holding her yearly event accompanied […]

RAINING STONES: the human condition. An exhibition by European artists

From 14 July 2017 to 25 July 2017

10am to 6pm Rich Cameron presents a group exhibition including Francesco Amorosino (Italy), Deborah Humm (England), Angela Massalu (Estonia), Rich Cameron (Scotland), Helga Dorothea Fannon (Sweden), George Striftaris (Greece), Inge Struys (Belgium) and Amel Hodzic (Bosnia) For more information about this exhibition please contact 07709336921 ( Rich Cameron) An exhibition of European artists focusing on the misfortunes and […]

The Banal & The Beautiful: New Work by JFK Turner

From 28 July 2017 to 1 August 2017

11am to 4pm For more information about this exhibition, please email JFK Turner will be presenting a selection of new work at Pie Factory Margate. Turner’s work is concerned with the unnoticed ephemeral elements of everyday life; found objects, marks, stains and the natural effect of time. The objects Turner collects from the street […]

Earth, Spirit and Soul: Dee Wild, Kimberley Money, Ian Barrowcliffe, Nelson Were

From 4 August 2017 to 8 August 2017

10am to 4pm You are invited to the Private View: Thursday 3 August 7pm to 10pm For more information about this exhibition, please call 07968 178609 ‘Earth, Spirit and Soul’ is alchemy of creative elements, combining works from a diverse range of materials, techniques and processes. This group of individual artists have come together from […]

IKIGAI: The Artwork of Karen & Ian Record

From 10 August 2017 to 16 August 2017

Ikigai, a Japanese word meaning: the reason for being.   11am to 6pm (Wednesday 11am to 4pm) Private View: Friday 11 August 4 to 7pm A continuation of the exhibition from May 2017 The work in this exhibition is our Ikigai, our reason to get up in the morning. Karen works mainly in water-colours and […]

A Portrait of Us & Something Familiar by Cult Vintage & Sian Morgan

From 19 August 2017 to 23 August 2017

Open 10am to 6pm For more information about this exhibition, please call 07934 288588 Sian Morgan ‘Born and raised in Margate local artist Sian Morgan has long had an affinity and love of Thanet’s beautiful coastline. In her exhibition she will be highlighting one of the aspects that most fascinates her. The wind shelter. Many […]


From 25 August 2017 to 30 August 2017

10am to 6pm Sunday 11am to 5pm Wednesday 10am to 1pm Private View: Friday 25 August 6pm to 9pm For more information about this exhibition, please email or call 07794459179 ‘North, South, East, West’ aims to explore the themes of home, shelter, belonging and alienation. Barber’s Son – Hairdresser’s Daughter has gathered a diverse […]

David Greely: Aardvarks to Zebras (and things in between)

From 1 September 2017 to 12 September 2017

10.30am to 4.30pm Private View: Friday 1 September 5.00 to 8.00pm   Inspired by the African continent, David Greely applies contrasting methods and mediums to combine landscape, wildlife and characters into an energetic anthology bursting with vibrancy. David Greely has lived in Thanet for 35 years and since retirement devotes much of his time to […]

Piece @ the Pie

From 14 September 2017 to 20 September 2017

10am to 5pm For more information about this exhibition please call 07599685382 A mixed eclectic exhibition with sculpture, video installation, geometric ink work, photography and abstract painting. Featuring the work of Peter Rackley Mel Chennel Jim Mc Garry MelanieTong Donna Fleming Annabelle Losa Jay Rechsteiner Si Stream