Tate Abbott: I Will Not Cut Your Grass

Open: 10am to 4pm dailyPrivate View: 26th June 7pm to 9pmA comment upon ignorance and stereotypes within culture and religion.
How people are quick to judge others due to their cultural dress by what they stereotypically know certain cultural attire to be known as, perhaps seen through biased media television and publications.
This project has been formulated to present a questioning of why people judge one another purely because someone is dressed or looks different than ones average perception of what people in their control should be. As I believe we are all the same, until proven otherwise.For more information about this exhibition, please call 07540 185766

 Background: Tate Abbott is currently a student at Richmond the American international university in London, studying fine art, Chinese and Arabic language.
Pie Factory Margate Tate Abbott I Will Not cut Your Grass