Steve McPherson: In-significance

10.30am to 5.00pm

You are invited to the Private View on Friday 21st August 6pm to 8pm

This Margate exhibition ‘In-significance’, previews a selection of new and unseen framed and sculptural works. McPherson uses this  controversial found material in ways that mimic displays of artefacts of a contemporary or future archaeology, that question their history, identity and existence while  highlighting ecological concerns.

Margate born Steve McPherson is an artist, lecturer, collector and treasure hunter, who spends his time scouring the beaches of the north Kent coast for plastic objects which he sorts and transforms into artworks that he exhibits internationally.

For more information about this exhibition please call O7968970277

Pie Factory Margate Steve McPherson Wavelengths
Steve McPherson Wavelengths
Pie Factory Margate Steve McPherson Objects
Steve McPherson Objects