Face: Liene Steinberga Cesar

Tuesday to Sunday
11am to 5pm

Private View: Friday 16 September: 6pm to 9pm

‘Face’ is the current exhibition of photographs by Margate based artist Liene Steinberga Cesar. Within this body of work Steinberga-Cesar explores her personal journey to assert control back from the inevitable confines of social and political stereotyping. The resulting work represents a complex, potentially confronting, but ultimately more nuanced and fulfilling understanding of self.

At times, ‘Face’ can be bleak and the work doesn’t seek to shy away from the violence many woman experience in their lives. Perhaps though it’s the works use of humour which best evokes the absurd nature of our struggle, as we face up to that most elusive of questions; ‘who am I’, when I’m not being told who I should be?

For more information about this exhibition, please call 07738 234337

This exhibition is supported by Pie Factory Margate as part of Margate Festival: Sight Seeking

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Liene Steinberga Cesar was born in 1983 in Latvia. She studied Fine Art Photography at Camberwell College of Art. She lives and works in Margate.

The different stages in life and the roles that we fall into are a major factor in her work. She questions everyday occurrences and commonalities and works with what’s familiar to her – the female body, womanhood, femininity.
Liene has participated in several exhibitions in the UK and her work is in private collections.

Pie Factory Margate Margate Festival Sight SeekingPie Factory Margate Margate Festival Sight Seeking