Clare Chapman: Solo Show

10 to 5pm Monday to Friday

12 to 4pm  Saturday and Sunday

8-19th February

Clare will be using Pie Factory Margate as a Pop Up Studio where she will be creating work based around her Degree show idea of Heaven and Hell. Visitors are welcome to walk in and watch or chat with Clare whilst she works, maybe you will influence a new idea.

12th and 19th February (8-10pm)

Come and share in some Champagne with the artist!

Have a look at the work that’s mid creation within the gore and glory of the studio.

See how Clare’s work is progressing during her stay at Pie Factory Margate.

20-29th of February

Pie Factory Margate will be set up as an open Gallery featuring all the work created during Clare’s stay in Pie Factory Margate.

26th of February (8-10pm)

Come down for more Champagne with the artist, but this time without the studio surrounding you, instead in a beautiful pristine Pie Factory Margate with all the created artwork adorning the walls.

Clare’s work has previously been criticised as too glamourous for her subject matter but she is moving her work into different avenues and the time in Pie Factory Margate will allow her to trial more tools into showing how she uses glamour as a way of showing her stance on society without necessarily creating ‘horrific’ art. The stay at Pie Factory Margate will be aimed at creating work around the distinctions between angels and demons, heaven and hell through paint and embellishments.

Pie Factory Margate Clare Chapman