…but not tired of life : recent works by ALAN ROOT

including two series ‘East Coast’ & ‘Rise and Fall’

11.00am-4.00pm daily or by appointment: 07879 774211
Not very Private View: Friday 18th March 2016 6.00-8.00pm

For more information about this exhibition, please call 07870 774 211

Born in London 1946 Alan recently moved to the east coast where he fell in with artists of great talent and extraordinary patience. Surrendering his last few pennies on a studio, Alan pursued the creative urge to gain expertise with acrylic, wire, coffee makers and daytime television.
The lack of reasonable reception and a TV licence has forced him into accumulating a body of work which has covered most of the available wall space in his home and become a walking hazard in the corridors and the studio and so the idea of an exhibition was born.

The Artist Writes
(Actually he rambles on a bit and then says “turn up to the exhibition”. So if I were you I would skip this bit and just turn up to the exhibition, and if you do not like it the Cup Cake is across the road and the Turner Contemporary is just round the corner)

For me, art is very simple. You get an idea, you submit it to paper, then canvas, then most of the time to the bin. You continue this process until you run out of ideas, paper, canvases, bins or patience.

On very rare occasions ideas spin out of the above cycle and end up being stuck on a wall and now two of the ideas are in the exhibition.

When you are on the east coast it is very difficult not to come up against sea, sky, sand and cliffs. If you try to turn your back on these you find yourself facing Ashford International and London Suburbs, and so you turn right back again and, if not emotionally embrace, you nuzzle up to sea, sky, sand and cliffs.
Hence Series “East Coast”

When I was at the City Lit I uncharacteristically signed up for a Foundation Course in Art, where I did a lot of wire pictures and sculpture. Characteristically I totally failed to complete the course due to a genetic creative bypass and the astonishing demands of the course to turn up at the ungodly hour of 10:30 (a time I had, up until then, not realised appeared twice in a day.)
Immediately I left London for the east coast drawn by earth, wind, water and fireworks.
But I continue to wire my time away
Hence the Series “Rise and Fall”

Pie Factory Margate Alan Root Kingsgate Arch 1
Kingsgate Arch 1
Pie Factory Margate Alan Root Climber 3a
Climber 3a
Pie Factory Margate Alan Root The Sea SEes Me
The Sea Sees Me
Pie Factory Margate Alan Root Trickle Down
Trickle Down