Yvonne Lyons & Julia Kerrison: A Sense of Change

Dates:17 April 2014 to 23 April 2014

10.30am to 6.00pm

Private view: Friday 18th April 6.30 to 9.00pm

A series of paintings exploring the theme of change in the landscape throughout the day and the seasons.

For enquiries about this exhibition please click here  or telephone 07557 919 815

Yvonne Lyons: Yvonne is a Scottish artist and illustrator based near the Kent coast. She is self-taught and finds inspiration through nature and poetry, finding wonder in the everyday. Each of her paintings is unique and has a character in its own right.

Yvonne grew up in Scotland and has gone from the rough, wild mountains of Scotland to London’s rich variations and busy streets to beautifully manicured Kent with its chocolate-box oast houses, duck ponds and candy-coloured beach huts. This is reflected in the rich colour and quick movement in her paintings, sketches and linocuts giving a spontaneous and slightly melancholy edge to her work.

Julia Kerrison: is an artist and illustrator living in West Penwith, and working predominantly in London and Cornwall. She has worked and trained in both London and New York. Julia trained initially in the theatre, focusing on scenic art, puppetry and mask making, before moving into fine art and illustration. This theatrical element is reflected in her work – dramatically lit portraits of colourful characters met backstage and in the streets and alleyways surrounding the theatre districts, alternating with larger pieces capturing moments from stories and fables known and loved the world over.

She was the house artist for Trapdoor Theatre Company from 2000 – 2004, and has spent time in the props department of the Royal Opera House and crafting puppets for NYC’s Stagedoor Manor Theatre Training Camp.

Julia chooses her materials carefully to reflect the mood and subject of each piece, from delicate pencil drawings of tiny birds to darker, more atmospheric pastel work.