Who learns the most, the student or the teacher?: Katrina Dallamore and Polly Gasston

Dates:9 July 2021 to 14 July 2021
Times:10.30 – 5.30 daily (10.30am - 1pm on Weds 14th July)

Katrina started teaching observational drawing and painting at The Basement Studio, Harbour House, Ramsgate in January 2020.  She has tutored Polly privately for nine months, and while this exhibition is a celebration of the primary colours with the addition of gold and silver leaf, it is also a celebration of how much both the teacher and the student have learned together.   Katrina had not previously worked with metal leaf, and she and Polly have worked together to learn and perfect this art, and of course Polly had never worked in oil paint.

This body of  work considers observational colour themes, which are abstracted into simple forms using harmonious colour layers, to create depth and a feeling of space. This work is produced using oil paint on canvas, board and paper.

Katrina Dallamore 

Katrina’s work is concerned with the observation of colour.

In 2014 she went to Canterbury Christchurch University and studied observational colour harmonies in the life studio, working with a variety of models.   Here she worked using only the primary colours, learning how to mix and blend to make all the colours  needed to truly represent the model.

In her final year she adopted the vehicle of the square motif in a gridded setting, selecting a small range of colours/tones to explore soft and bold contrasts.

Her teaching is grounded in the values of observational drawing and painting, thereby teaching students to see. She believes this gives the students the skills to then develop their own style and creative voice.  Katrina teaches part time and continues to develop her personal work as a painter and print maker.

Website: Katrina-jean.co.uk

Phone number: 07780 707053

Polly Gasston Coburn

By profession Polly is a goldsmith and has been, on and off, since she was 18 and graduated from The Sir John Cass College.  The deterioration of her eyesight over the past year or two has meant she’s been unable to do the very fine work at the bench, so while she  still buys the gems and designs all the work, she has wonderful subcontractors who build her visions for her.  This has left a huge gap in her life so she decided to learn how to paint with oils; she got herself a great teacher who says she has gone ‘from strength to strength is a very short time’, and Polly absolutely love it!

Apart from the fact she can see what she’s creating; she’s excited about the whole new medium of oil painting from every point of view. The freedom of the canvas, learning about colours and how to make them, and – quite like the jewellery, actually – the never knowing whether she’s  got it right first time or whether she’s going to work on it for several days.

Polly has always loved art and has a huge and completely eclectic collection herself, but she never imagined she might be hanging something of her own on her walls, and now she is.  Polly says ‘It’s wonderful, and the perfect compensation for losing my first love – being a goldsmith.’

E-mail: polly@pollygasstonpaintings.com

Telephone number: 01843-448291