Water Cure

Dates:20 July 2012 to 1 August 2012

Art exhibition featuring work by Gwen Ramsay, Michele Fletcher, Linda Lencovic, Alice Peillon, Viviana Duran and Tania McCormac



This exhibition features works by internationally exhibited artists Michele Fletcher, Gwen Ramsay, Linda Lencovic, Alice Peillon and Viviana Duran. The artists have been inspired by Margate during  this unique period of transition. Exploring hidden histories, the artists’ works offer insights into a city undergoing a sea of change.


Exhibition Dates: July 20th-August 5th.

Late night opening July 20th 11-9pm. All day drink reception Saturday July 21st.

Opening Hours: Friday, Saturday and Sunday 11-5 throughout the exhibition.


Michele Fletcher is interested in how a direct experience can be mediated through drawing, photography and memory and in turn interpreted, reinvented and embodied in the physicality of painting. Fletcher comments: “My paintings both bemoan and question the possibility of a visionary experience in contemporary painting. Dreamlike spaces of heightened colour take their influence from a variety of sources with the natural world serving as a point of departure for the painting.”

Linda Lencovic recent work conveys the sense of seeking the intangible and unattainable, a finely articulated game of belief construction is portrayed. Uncanny figures are seen transcending the everyday – engaging in ephemeral moments of magic, madness or miracle, as they try to fill an unnamed loss.

Alice Peillon At the centre of Peillon’s work is a search for balance between precision and randomness, and an attempt to find systems within the interaction of discordant pictorial elements. ‘I produce intensely worked surfaces that transform individual motifs into kaleidoscopic landscapes. These motifs act as the work’s parameters which I then alter through the process of layering and eroding the paintings’ surface, to uncover fresh, lateral associations. I use a wide variety of materials in order to fully explore the dynamics of both complementary and dissonant marks, shapes, colours and imagery’.

Gwen Ramsay’s current work explores ideas of repetition and collection. Working from objects and found images, Ramsay draws natural forms with a stillness reminiscent of statues, as an exploration of the meaning of images. Using old master painting techniques, she applies paint with a contemporary economy of means and muted palette, to convey only the essential.

Viviana Duran’s wall and floor works are made of glitter, sequins, shiny paper, bright paint and feathers. She paints and plays with these materials directly onto an architectural surface. By incorporating itself into the structures that surround us, her work sheds itself of its artistic boundaries and becomes a part of our everyday landscape. Duran’s objective is to challenge our concepts of beauty, attractiveness and objectification, all while playing with the clash between Latin and English cultures. A social and cultural tension is exposed in her work, particularly between western ideals of beauty and the visual methodology of Latin American countries.

Tania McCormacks’s work is inspired by transient journeys and fleeting moments. The mundane and everyday become minute records, a small history captured within her drawings.  Travels and experience within a foreign environment have strengthened her desire to record lifestyle and landscapes with a narrative-in-progress element. McCormack’s drawings are neither autonomous nor finished, but part of a continuing journey.

For Further information about the exhibition and artists involved please visit:

www.piefactorymargate.co.uk     http://www.facebook.com/#!/events/258414374263088/

www.gwenramsay.com    www.lindalencovic.com   www.alicepeillon.com  www.michelefletcher.com