Undiscovered: Jacqueline Newbury

Dates:5 January 2018 to 9 January 2018
Times:11am to 5pm

Making her debut in Margate, local artist Jacqueline Newbury’s solo exhibition exhibits a wealth of experience.

Whilst conducting an orchestra of colour, her passion for paint is undying.

Loving the smell, vibrancy, the energy and attitude oil paint posses, she insists: “It is the act of painting, which sustains art, keeps it on a level of  attributes and achievement of skills.”

To tell the story of Jacqueline would be of truth, madness, poverty, love, passion, a determination that has an understanding of people, she is a prolific painter producing paintings of universal truths.

Her colours evoke an exciting experience, towards life, that no other can compare to, except a painter.