Tunde Odelade and Friends at Pie Factory Margate

Dates:8 May 2014 to 21 May 2014

Open 10am to 6pm

Tunde paintings are of the impressionist style which could all be classed as landscapes. Kate Withstandley, Kasia Parker and David Houston works are all Photography based

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Tunde’s paintings are inspired from the landscapes of London, where he grew up. It was the beautiful landscapes that inspired the artist to express his intimate self in way that appeals to Him. His passion was formed from his love of travelling all around the South of England. This helps to shape the exotics colours and vibrant passion depicted in his pictures.

David Houston: We dream of traveling home

These images are part of an exploration in systematic lens damage. After each picture was taken, a pointed object was chiselled into the vacuum sealed casing, distorting the apparatuses ability to retain information. This was repeated throughout the entire film roll, adding arbitrary refractions and ghosting into the images as the seal was gradually eroded and the lens punctured.

As a consequence of the applied stress the images collate into depictions of atmospheric, alchemical spectacle, the process acting as a direct navigation through surface where light is then itself made the focal subject. This works in producing results which are simultaneously seductive and repellant, spatially undefined and hypnagogic.

Materials – Disposable waterproof camera, c-type print.

Kasia Parker

Is a Polish born artist living and working in England,  Her work is heavily influenced by the post-industrial landscape, brutalist architecture and urban wastelands she was surrounded by when growing up.  There is a strange feeling of menacing beauty and anticipation about them that fascinates her.

In her work she combines photography, digital manipulation and traditional printing techniques like etching and intaglio collography.

Kasia has work in private collections in Poland, Holland, Germany and the UK.

 Kate Withstandley

Kate Withstandley is a writer, artist and photographer working in London as Marketing Manager for an architecture practice. Having lived in Kent her whole life she often uses local areas as inspiration for her work, regularly photographing seaside towns such as Dungeness and Margate as well as the market town of Dartford where she lives. Always aiming to capture the striking unnoticed details around us, she also enjoys emphasising the more abstract and formal elements within traditional landscape scenes. Kate has shown her photographs in several exhibitions in Dartford and writes a blog focusing primarily on art-related topics.

Tunde is a self taught artist who has lived in London since his early teens.  Born in 1974 in Nigeria, Tunde moved to London in 1988. After spending many years as a self employed pharmacist, he decided to commit to his passion for writing and art in 2012.

David Houston: I work across a variety of mediums exploring the different ways in which the tensions between technology and the human subject affect our perceptions and agency. I often degrade or distort the materials I use to open up new ways of experiencing and considering time, memory and form. I’m interested in light, illusion and the experiential effect art can have upon the viewer.

More of Tunde Odelade’s work can be viewed at www.tundeodeladeart.com

More of Kate Withstandley’s work can be viewed at  http://exploringartinthecity.wordpress.com/