Revealing the Invisible

Dates:11 April 2013 to 17 April 2013

Revealing the Invisible: An Art Exhibition about Chronic Illness is an innovative, inspiring and moving multi-media art exhibition that explores ‘invisible’ chronic illness. The artwork in the exhibition addresses the ‘invisible’ aspects of chronic illness, such as anxiety, loneliness, brain fog, chronic pain, chronic fatigue, experiencing an altered view of the world, the joy of memories, the importance of routine and conflicting thoughts. A small group from Kent and London are currently organising the exhibition that will take place in Margate’s Pie Factory Gallery from 11th-17 April.

The exhibition features the artwork of artists from all over Britain, all of whom have some sort of personal connection with chronic illness, whether they are sufferers themselves or carers. The assemblage of work includes pieces that have already been exhibited in Brighton and in the Tate Modern’s 10th Anniversary Exhibition. The conditions addressed by the exhibition include Lupus, Breast Cancer, Bipolar Disorder, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, Anorexia, ME and many others.

The artists include an artist in residence, a veteran of the Falklands, sufferers too ill to work, recent graduates and working professionals.

The Revealing the Invisible Team are:
Project Manager:
Katie Jane Hogben
Creative Director:
Allie Duthie
Marketing Coordinator:
Lisa Crowhurst
Marketing Assistant (Margate):
Asher Summers
Logo Designer:
Katalog Projects

This project was funded by vInspired, registered charity no. 1113255

The Idea
Revealing the Invisible was initially the idea of Katie Jane Hogben, from Minster near Ramsgate. From years of dealing with numerous chronic medical conditions herself, as well as through research and dialogue with friends who are fellow sufferers, Katie has learnt that much of the suffering that comes with these conditions is ‘invisible’ and misunderstood by onlookers. As such, this exhibition is being organised with the hope of educating and inspiring both sufferers and the general public alike, with expressive images of what it is truly like to experience such conditions.
The Revealing the Invisible team have fought to get truly expressive work from a broad spectrum of our society to create an exhibition that is inspiring, confronting, educational and valuable.
Search for Revealing the Invisible on Facebook to find our page or go to our website to find out more information.
We look forward to putting on an expressive exhibition that educates and inspires all who visit. Do put the dates in your diary!

Come and see us from 11th – 17th April in Margate’s Pie Factory Gallery. –

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