Pushing Print

Dates:8 October 2011 to 29 October 2011

Pushing Print is an open submission print exhibition, as well as talks, workshops and community events that has come to the Pie Factory Gallery for the third year running.

The giant print event will even allow you to try your hand at producing a giant mono print pressed by a steam roller. Accompanying Pushing Print this year will be a heritage print exhibition- mind your p’s and q’s; that celebrates the importance of the print industry to Thanet.

During October there will be a range of workshops, talks and events at the Pie Factory and Margate Gallery. For further details please visit  http://pushingprint.co.uk/festival to download a full programme or visit us in the gallery today.

This exhibition will run from 8- 29th October 2011 at  Pie Factory Gallery and Margate Gallery.