Dates:13 February 2017 to 28 February 2017

Open 11am to 6pm Saturday to Thursday

Closed on Fridays

You are invited to the Private View on 18 February 2017 from 6.30 to 8.30pm

For more information about this exhibition please call 07402 885544


I’ve gravitated to and from the colour pink. I’ve worked without colour and with many colours, but every time I gravitate back to the colour pink. It creeps into my unconsciousness. I decided to embrace the colour.

The colour pink is a colour without much discourse within art.

You may find the odd article discussing ‘pink art’ although generally the only structural argument is based on the gender normativity of pink is for girls blue is for boys.

There has never really been a discussion on the actuality of the colour.

Pink as an emblem for girls, and Barbie in particular have helped to shape my work. During my childhood Barbie was my lifeline. I think she was for many girls my age and this odd feeling of nostalgia and love towards her as well as anger towards Barbie (although more towards Mattel) due to the objectification and unattainable standards created by Barbie, is to be honest – Sublime.

Working with the sublime, I started focusing on my perception of feminism and gender inequality surrounding my daughter and myself. I started to perceive the world differently, by removing my rose tinted view of the world I started to see even more pink and this imbalance is shown throughout my recent artwork from the limited palette.

This is something much bigger than myself, the colour pink has become to mean something much bigger than its primary context.

Pink is often seen as Vulgar or ‘kitschy, it is one of the most vehemently rejected colour of all which only underscores its unusual biologically based effectiveness.

More recently artists have used Pink as a tool and turn it into an conversation with so many different meanings.

I want to bring the discussion to the forefront, to look at the love of pink as well as the hatred of the colour.

I want to express the excessive nature of the colour, and ask the question why?

I want to open the discussion on the colour pink to different artists all over the world, and I want to combine them all in one place.

Having an exhibition highlighting the colour Pink just before International Womens’ Day is another great way of getting people interested in the discussion of what the colour has become to our society.

I need YOU and YOUR HELP to make this show become a reality.

I want to get artists from all over the world involved in this project, and this is where I NEED YOUR HELP!

Together we can make this exhibition amazing!

Clare Chapman exhibition Pie Factory Margate Pink