Expose 10: Photography Exhibition

Dates:28 August 2014 to 3 September 2014

11am to 5pm daily

eXpose 10 is a group of ten photographers from Whitstable who got together in 2013 when participating in the 365 project ‘ a year in the life of …. ‘
Our personal styles and subject matter reflect the diversity of the group members.
We held a successful exhibition at the Horsebridge Arts Centre in Whitstable in April this year,
and now bring our new show to Pie Factory Margate, for you to experience and enjoy….

For more information about this event please telephone George Fisk on 07813 818529










NICK CORDES: Photography that encapsulates everyday life with instinctive awareness


This work is comprised of a selection of images taken in NYC, and Grand Central Station in particular, and is inspired somewhat by the creativity of Philip-Lorca diCorcia..

Nick is a Whitstable based photographer, Kiad educated, and a former Oysterman.

Follow Nick on twitter.com/nicordes

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I’m Ken Hall, one of the Expose 10 photographers. I am Kent born and bred and moved to Whitstable 12 years ago. I’ve been a keen amateur photographer for many years. Since retiring two years ago I now have more time to pursue my hobby.

I take photos of a range of subjects that catch my eye.  I do love the beautiful sunsets that we get on the Kent coast.
I hope you enjoy looking at my photos.





A native of Whitstable, I have been a keen amateur photographer for a number of years. I initially became interested in photography in my teenage years, and have been avidly clicking away since.
These days I enjoy most genres in photography including portraiture, street photography, macro, wildlife and landscape. I often indulge myself in long exposure and monochrome effects which I find appealing. Predominantly, I focus on local landscape within close proximity to Whitstable.
I post a variety of my work on flickr and twitter.  Please feel free to follow my posts.  I hope you enjoy the selection chosen for display.

Twitter: @george_fisk

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Annie Taylor combines film and digital processes, together with vintage postcards, illustrations and 3D textile work, to create images of fairy tales and forgotten toys.

facebook: WhitstableTail



In this exhibition, I have combined two of my great joys, travel and photography. As a keen walker I enjoy the beauty of the landscape, but I have always had a fascination about people going about their daily routines.
I did not want just to show their photographs, as I felt that it did not portray who they are, but isolated them to just images. I wanted to sit them solidly in the places that they lived and worked, the places where I captured that moment in time. For me as the traveller/photographer, that is where they belonged.
My work here displays a combination of some of my voyages across the globe, and the passage of time, which begins with the Singapore map and images taken in late fifties (when I was 11or 12), taking in Vanuatu in 2008, and my time working with the children’s charity Play Action in the Gambia 2010, ending with my trip to plant olive trees in Palestine 2013.
By incorporating both maps and photographs, I hope that you the viewer will also find it a voyage of discovery.


Andy Capon


Photography has quickly become an obsessional hobby with me. Whether it’s a random shot of an interesting looking subject that I meet on the street or a spectacular sunrise over Whitstable, I find myself with my camera hanging around my neck at all times. My aim is simply to take pictures that capture the moment and to try and keep it as raw and untouched as possible. Because I know very little about the technical stuff, I am limited to what I can do with my shots – hence the rawness.  My other hobby is drumming, but carrying a camera over your shoulder is so much easier than lugging drums around.

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