Lounge Odyssey: Ellen Tufts Studio, Paul Thiry & Carson Parkin-Fairley

Dates:30 June 2023 to 4 July 2023
Times:11am - 5pm

Lounge Odyssey invites you to step into a peculiar parlour, a salon of the abstract. An off the wall exhibition of homewares, neon lights, furniture and tactile tufted pieces created by three artists from Thanet.

Ellen Tufts Studio is a textile and tufting studio based in Margate. She takes a painterly approach to her tactile abstract tufted creations. With many echoing the bold colours and shapes of the Fauvist movement. She will be exhibiting a collection of new vases and wall pieces.

Instagram: @ellen_tufts_studio
Website: ellentuftsstudio.com

Paul Thiry is an artist and furniture maker based in Margate. Making modern pieces with an abstract eye, he uses found materials to aid the decision making of the design, employing soft curves that mimic boy racer cars. He will be exhibiting stools, shelves and incense holders.

Instagram: @paulthiry_

Carson Parkin-Fairley is an artist based in Ramsgate. She explores themes of celebration and joy through the medium of lights, painting, and shrines. She will be exhibiting neon lights, paintings, furniture, and some of her iconic shrines.

Instagram: @carsonparkinfairley
Website: carsonparkinfairley.com

The three artists will have individual pieces on show, whilst also showing a collaborative piece of furniture that they’ve all worked on together.

Lounge Odyssey will run at Pie Factory from 30th June – 4th July 2023, open daily from 11-5pm.

Private View is Friday 30th June from 5-8pm.