Pushing Print Bursary: Liz Wilson: The Manufacture of Time

Dates:13 August 2016 to 16 August 2016

10am – 6pm

Private View: Saturday 13th August | 6:00pm – 9:00pm

Working across the boundaries of printmaking, moving image and sculpture the exhibition explores the stretch of time that exists between the industrial and post-industrial. Drawing upon the speed and acceleration of time, the work examines the tempo and energy of the machine and the resulting pulsations of movement generated by both human and automation. These embedded elements sit within the work recapitulating and evolving from their origin acting as reverberations – conversations between the old and new and possibility of evolution. Digital works present themselves on tangible surfaces, such as iron, steel, wood and latex exploring the changing role and status of the object at a time of increasing convergence between the real and the virtual. Gessler (2008) describes of this world of re-appropriation from artefact to technology, a former time where objects are represented through ‘homo faber’ or man the creator. Through this discourse works examine the transformations that occur when an industrial monument is removed from its origin and re-calibrated through technologies.

The Manufacture of time is a solo exhibition of works by Liz Wilson, emerging from a bursary awarded by Pushing Print – a not-for-profit organisation set up to promote and raise awareness of contemporary printmaking.

Gessler, Nicholas (2008) Skeuomorphs and Cultural Algorithms

For further information and images please contact:

Liz Wilson | elizabeth.wilson@network.rca.ac.uk | http://lizwilson.work


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