Light & Life: Trix Newham (Lux Pottery) and Sian C. Morgan (Something Familiar)

Dates:6 October 2022 to 12 October 2022
Times:10:00 to 17:00 daily (From 2pm on Thurs 6th Sept)

LUX Pottery

Trix Newham

By the use of hand painted abstract motifs Trix at ‘LUX Pottery’ marries the trinity of aestheticism, functionality and originality, creating unusual shapes and textures on beautifully useful objects for interiors.

Instagram: @luxpottery

Lux Pottery, Arcturus Lamp, Stoneware pottery
Lux Pottery, Spark Lamp, Stoneware pottery



Something Familiar

Sian C. Morgan

Sian C. Morgan explores the coastal life of Thanet through watercolour and ink drawings, initially with studies of lonely wind shelters, more recently Sian has captured many architectural icons familiar to the denizens of ‘The Isle’.

Sian C. Morgan, Turner Contemporary Margate, Watercolour and Ink
Sian C. Morgan, East Cliff Ramsgate, Watercolour and Ink