Front of House

Dates:17 March 2018 to 27 March 2018
Times:10am to 5pm

Private View: 16 March 2018, 6pm

Front of House is an exhibition of work by 30 individual artists across a wide range of ideas, approach and media. Their interests and inspiration is as diverse as they are, ranging from industrial street furniture and questions of free will, to YouTube and ancient history. What unites this group of individuals is that they all work front of house at the Turner Contemporary in Margate, spending their working hours up close and personal to some of the best in contemporary and historical art. This exhibition at Pie Factory Margate is an opportunity for them to show their work collectively in Margate.

Steven Alan, Gina Bailey-Stocken, Millie Battershill, Polly Benford, Andrew Blunt, Bethany Chater, Bob Chicalors, Lucy Crispin, Jacqueline Elson, Joan Hobson, Deborah Jackson, Penny Jackson, Liz Maginn, Jo Murray, Millie Pearce, Kirsty Peterkin, Lucy Pettet, Karen Richards, Kyle Roberts, Kathy Robertson, Lizzy Rose, Sue Rumsey, Harley Russell, Emma Sage, Asli Shehi, Liene Steinberga, Jo Ursell, Masa Weeb (Sam Webb), Jan Wheatley, Madeleine Yeo