Nice Try: Adam Newton & KEEPSAD

Dates:7 April 2017 to 11 April 2017

10am to 5pm daily

Millennial-post-punk collaborative art show for these end times. Paintings, collages, prints, sculptures and rugs, made between Medway and Oxford in 2016.

Contact telephone number for inquiries about the exhibition: 07810 464545


NICE TRY brings together experimental paintings, prints, sculptures and rugs exploring the dark underbelly of contemporary life. Combining elements of punk, street art, pop and traditional painting, they reflect on the angsty atmosphere of current events.

When Ben Sad moved to Oxford, he and Medway-based collaborator Adam Newton started to exchange works-in-progress via the post. Each would add another layer of collage and paint before returning it to the other.  The materials used were often whatever came to hand – including photos from old magazines, packaging tape and correction fluid. Some of the works have exchanged hands up to eight times.

Ben Sad is an artist/maker/designer that has worked and exhibited throughout the UK, Germany and Australia.

Adam Newton is a painter who has enjoyed recent success exhibiting at the RA Summer Exhibition.

Pie Factory Margate Adam Newton Bad Sad art