Duisterwerk: Jon Law and Daniel Tollady

Dates:14 July 2023 to 16 July 2023
Times:Fri 14th - 5pm to 9pm, Sat 15th & Sun 16th - 11am to 5pm

‘Duisterwerk’ is a series of paintings and installation situated within the larger series called ‘Rasterwerk’. The selection of works focus on a limited colour scheme and are informed by a fascination with chance and programmatic methodologies. The paintings explore boundless possibilities and variations within the confines of the grid structure. The grids acts as an anchor for these possibilities, structuring, ordering and tethering the programmatic applications of paint. The paint is applied in a thick and imprecise manner using a screen printing blade, which contrasts with the strictures and commonly applied hard edges of a grid. This creates a productive tension between precision and imprecision. Having previously exhibited and performed in the fields of sound art and experimental music, the painting process is influenced by elements of aleatoric and polyrhythmic musical composition.

Accompanying the exhibition will be a collaborative installation with Daniel Tollady, which explores the productive tension between structural sculpture and atmospheric sound design. The sonic element of the design consists of slowly evolving polyrhythmic loops that continually form new combinations for the duration of the composition, contrasting with a spatial construct of elements and materials that appear to reflect and manifest the aural experience.

Jon Law

Website: jon-law.co.uk
Instagram: @rstrwrk

Daniel Tollady

Website: danieltollady.co.uk
Instagram: @daniel.tollady

Friday 14/07/23 1700-2100

Saturday 15/07/23 1100-1700

Sunday 16/07/23 1100-1700