DREAM SAFARI: Cos everything is f**king perfect

Dates:16 July 2020 to 21 July 2020
Times:12noon to 4pm, closed Monday 20 July

A group show presented by DREAM SAFARI featuring up and coming artists. “I’m opening up a space for these creative people to unapologetically be themselves. We are celebrating art that comes directly from the bottom end of the urban scene.”

Inspired by graffiti, DIY ethics and a positive punk attitude.

Featuring Artists:
Erin Hayhow (Fashion)
Jack Cant (2D)
Jess Dadds (Video and 2D)
Chase Foley (Sound)
Katy Paige-Mclean (Photography)
Josh Leppenwell (Photography)
Craig “Questions” Scott
Darcy Brenna (2D)
Steven Hayhow (Photography Book)
Will Collett (Photography)

Instagram @dream_safari