Drawing Life from Words: Gary Dadd

Dates:18 August 2023 to 22 August 2023
Times:10.30am to 5.30pm daily

An exhibition of iconic figures drawn using handwriting.

Gary has a unique method of drawing by bending his handwriting to form a portrait – often with such detail that at first glance the viewer doesn’t realise they are looking at the written word.

This exhibition showcases people to celebrate: creatives, scientists, writers and leaders. Whatever the icon’s background, Gary finds ways to incorporate meaning through both text and the visual to create a distinctive and inimitable effect. He has exhibited in London, Cambridge and Los Angeles and has sold artwork across the world.

This exhibition showcases his latest new works and a selection of limited and open edition prints from his catalogue.

Website: garydadd.com

Instagram: @garydadd

Facebook: @garyensoart


Charles Darwin, 2022, pen and ink, 22 x 16 inches
Nina Simone, 2022, pen and ink, 22 x 16 inches
Bob Marley, 2023, pen and ink, 12 x 16 inches